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I heard from Korea Embassy that since 2008, South Korean doesn't need to get VISA for less than 90 days staying for travel. Could you confirm it? Thanks.


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Yes, when visiting korea on business or tourism from the US. Link below:

it's correct~!
come to visit Korea.
It's totaly true.
Basically if your country has a international treaty with them, you basically have the standard 90 days to stay in Korea, if you are Canadian it is different I heard.

The answer is - South Korean's can visit the US for 90 days without a VISA. These people who are here and want to go to the States must tell the embassy here about their plans and their name will be checked before departure.

Those who are in the States and want to come here have the same type of procedure. If someone wants to stay in Korea for more than 90 days straight then a residence permit is needed to make it official.
Tourist visas: Foreign visitors who plan on staying longer than 30 days must also obtain a visa or visa extension (unless they fall under a Visa Exemption Agreement – see the list below). All visas, including long-term visas, are for a single visit. Anyone wishing to leave Korean and then re-enter during their allowed period of stay must obtain a re-entry permit. Click the link for more information

This is true if you are coming from America.

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