Hi, is there anyone know how to take your motorbike into Cambodia from Vietnam? How much do i have to pay and what forms /...

...certificates do i need? Thanks.


Country: Vietnam


Hi there,
According to your question, i need to know some more detail.
first what national are u?
second what do you take motobike into cambodia for?
third Will you need to return motobike back to Vietnam ?
sorry, U cant bring motobike from Saigon to Cambodia.
We dont accept to transfer bike between 2 country just for holidays.
U need to go by bus.
Hi u, i think: you shouldn't take your motorbike into Cambodia from Vietnam. You can go by bus to Cambodia, and i think in Cambodia's motobike for rent.
well..the answer is I dont think u can go to Camb by motobike. They're not allow u to across the border..I dont think so..All u can do is take a bus from Ben Thanh Market, it will tkae u to Tây Ninh, through the border and go to some Casino near by. However, u can contact SAPACO tourism company, this company is professional for the tour to Camb, they also offer a bus route to Siem Riep, it costs about 200,000VND [the price may be change now, I'm not sure^^]
It is not a good idea to cross the border with the motorbike, it is impossible
why don't u use bus...if u take your motobike into campodia,u must take it back,

bus is the cheapest way!
you need to come Pham Ngu Lao street i HoCHi Minh city. You will get the bus ticket to cambodia around 20usd ..very cheap
It is better to take a bus or a boat or a flight from Saigon.
You CAN take a motorbike from Vietnam into Cambodia! I was in Bavet (Cambodia) just last week and I saw MANY motorbikes with Vietnamese registration plates.

The only way I know how you can do it is through a VERY lengthy application process with the respective authorities ... or illegally.

For practical purposes for most people, it is easier to leave one motorbike at one side of the border and get another one on the other side.

This is what most independent travelers do.

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