Who is the "Sheikh Hussein" for whom the Sheikh Hussein Bridge is named?

I am a guide and volunteer living in Al-Quds/Jerusalem. This is a bit of a trivia question, but I'd really like to know: For whom is the Sheikh Hussein Bridge near Beissan/Beth Shean named? I would be very pleased if someone can answer this, especially if you can document it somehow (I have already heard various explanations of the name). Thanks Tom Powers JERUSALEM


Country: Jordan


you can find alot of documented information about this bridge
we call it here in Jordan King Hussien Bridge
Sorry Rafat .. but there is King Hussien bridge .. and there is Sheikh Hussein bridge.

and he is asking about Sheikh Hussein bridge.

Murad Arslan
East Side of Jordan River
First let me tell you this Sheikh Hussein Bridge is an international border crossing between Irbid, Jordan and Beit She'an, Israel. officaly opened in Tuesday, August 24, 1999, it is currently one of three entry/exit points between the two countries that handles tourists, its Japanese-funded border crossing facility,The Japanese firm Sumitomo Construction Co. Ltd. built the Jordanian side of the bridge and the Jordanian border post under a $7 million grant from Tokyo, Jordan contributed JD3 million for the infrastructure, while Israel spent an unknown amount to build its own section of the bridge, and it was named after the late King Hussein who had sought comprehensive and just peace, after he passed away, and king Hussein Bridge is named after him also but before he passed away.

and one day i would really like to come to your side of the dead sea rift to hike in Ein Gedi.

Murad Arslan
East Side of Jordan River
Greetings Tom
Sheikh Hussein Bridge near Beissan is named after the area it is located in and if you search the area by name on Google will show the city .
Best regards
Arafat Aldwaik
hey tom,

i found a bunch of info on sheikh hussein bridege but i couldnt really find the origin of the name.

hope this link helps

Thanks, everyone, for your input! With a little more research I have discovered that "Sheikh Hussein" is simply a traditional local place-name of indeterminate origin. So, Arafat, you were pretty much on the mark (although I don't think there's a modern town or village by that name).

On a 1944 British map of Palestine () it shows "Jisr Sh. Husin", so there was already an older bridge by that name. I then looked at the Survey of Western Palestine map from the 1870s (which I have on a CD) and it shows "Mak. [= Makhadeh = ford] Sheikh Husein". So, there the name is already in the 1870s!

The question remains, I suppose, who WAS this "Sheikh Hussein"? (I had thought it might be Sayyid Hussein bin Ali (1854-1931), father of King Abdullah I, but it's obviously not him.) I presume it must have been some revered local leader whose memory survived only in the place-name, although it would be interesting to ask among some of the real old-timers in the area...

See this article about Sheikh Hussein Bridge:
you can see
Wikipedia would be your best source for such question.
i think that your answer is not accurite !are you sure?
Dear Mr Powers,

There is a village called Sheikh Hussein very close to the Sheikh Hussein Bridge (now called Jordan Valley Crossing)

The village was named after its sheikh or head of the tribe that represented this village.

Katia Tsichlakis
OK, thanks! I looked on the old maps but did not see the village itself.

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