looking for golf course near campo asso


Country: Italy


Hi patdigirolamo !
How are you?
There is a lovely 9-holes golf course in Sibari - Località Salicetta 87011 Cassano allo Ionio (CS) this the correct address.
When are you planning to come over?
I will be very happy to guide you.
take care


P.S. What do you mean "near campo asso" I do not know any place called like!
Dear Pat,
Greetings for your upcoming trip to Italy.
Being a golf player myself I'd love to help but can not figure out where campo asso is. Please kinddly advise.
Ciao from Rome
Nancy Aiello
You can find some informations at the link below

It's not really close to campobasso but it's in the Marche Region.
A lot of people come from the neighborhoods to play at this field.
Dear Sir,
you may find al coulf courses in Italy at the following email address .... wherever campo asso is !!!
should you come to Rome, I would be glad to show you my wonderful city in one of the many tours you may choose on my website
Enjoy your staying in Italy! Mauro
Do you mean Campobasso?
I hope for you my friend.

Take a look, these are the nearest:

- Isernia Golf Club ‎)
- Varvarusa Golf Club (tel. 0865 926121‎)

Ask for any further information!

where is campo asso?

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