is it ok to be gay? my partner and I may move there. where can we be safe and make friends?


Country: Ecuador


hi papajohn219, it is not a problem to be gay in our country, but I think ou will stay better in the biggest city, Guayaquil or Quito, or maybe others like Manta or Cuenca. If you both want to make new friends and to know some places in here, I could help, let me know to send you my e-mail, in a private message.

Have fun guys!
Hello Papajohn!

It is indeed safe, safer than I first expected and was led to believe, however staying in the bigger cities as Mauro pointed out is probably a wise decision. I have a "facebook friend" in Quito who has a very large network in the gay community (tons of night clubs and events) who I trust and would be happy to introduce you to, and a good personal friend in Guayaquil who I would also be more than happy to introduce you to (he would welcome English speakers to practice with, and he is a beautiful, warm person). In Manta, I am known in the expat community and can introduce you to some good people, although they are all hetero as far as I know and I can't speak for their level of acceptance.

I am not currently in Ecuador, but will be returning in a few months. Ecuador is a magical place and I am always happy to meet fellow souls who have an interest in sharing it with me.

If you would like to continue corresponding privately, please visit my blog where you can find my email address and photos of my beautiful Ecuador:

Its ok to be gay, but you will find more open minds in citys like Guayaquil, Quito, Manta, other cities are quite conservative like Cuenca or the smaller ones, in every city there are gay communities and its easy for you to make friends here, Ecuador is a nice place for living no matter what.
Yes it ok,

Lots of gays here. There are also like 3 clubs that I know the location of that are exclusivly for gays. So they wont let me in...
Dear Papajhon in this country there are a lot of gays, lesbi or travestis wherever here is very normal, but not is too common when two boys or women kisses themselves in the street ot take their hands if it's the morning or afternoon, people could be rare but, you are safe nobody will hurt to you or bother for that... in Quito Or Guayaquil there arr some pubs or restaurant or coffe for gays.. enjoy your travel with your travel here...
hey !!!
are you coming to live in Quito ??? its ok to be gay you have places here both can have fun and party ...
well , im live in quito so let me know if both are going to live here so we can meet and i can show you the city ...

It is definately okay to be gay in this country. I live in a smaller town of Ibarra and we even have transvestites here. Mauro gave you some really good advice about locations. Ecuador has many types of climates and environments. If you like the highlands, then Cuenca is your spot. If you like the coast, then Manta is your location. If you like a big city with a warm climate, then Guayaquil is your city.

Remember that we are a catholic country and very traditional (old minded) for many people. This specialy in Cuenca. Maybe they want thing positivly about your sexuality but want treat you or endanger you. I do know only about Guayaquil city where many travestis are walking around during night. Also there are homo clubs, one located in Zona Rosa (nightlife neighbourhood). Many gay´s are involved as hairdresser or beauty saloon.
Sory to help you ore but don´t have a lot of contact with gay comunity!
maybe if you want there is a web page that can help you to look for some gay´s in Ecuador: . Want to advise it is social encounter page but with XXX tendance.
Hi Papajohn

If you make to Ecuador , WELLCOME. As Janice Betts mentions on her answer, ther is no problem or homofobia en Ecuador, more than any were else. Don´t worry Ecuador indeed is a magial place. Planty of Gay bars and discos in Quito. Best Chefs in the city, and owners of "in" restaurants, where you will have a fantastic time. Ecuador has grown, and is very liberal. We embrace and welcome couples or single, what ever is your sexual preference, status, color, weight or hight.

Enjoy this country, let it mermerize you


Fernando Quevedo
Ecuadorians respect gays, but prefer them not to "express" love on the streets. I would said Quito is more equiped with several social places and networked. Actually there's is a new law about it. Guayaquil is more open to this social group.
As long as you won't get married in here, no problem. I would advice you to look for he biggest cuties (Guayaqui, Quito, etc) where we are more open minded.
well is true that it´s ok , the advice of the cities is true, i am from quito, and i´m straight, but a good advice is not to show your love in front everyone `cause not all the people are open minded, there is a lot of places and think there is gay community too, well i don´t know about that but i have a friend that is gay, maybe i can connect you guys whit him..let me know..
Hi, it is safe to be gay in Ecuador in general, but like everywhere else, always have to be alert to avoid trouble. if you want to live or visit, Wellcome.!
thank you for writing and the friendly welcome, John.
Hi, Yes is it ok and safe for gays, off course you will find people in the streets watching all the time, but they don't go far from that. You can find many places, bars, discotheques were you can find gays, I don't know many places just one which is very famous in Guayaquil, its a discotheque in the Center of the ville called Vulcano, where you can find regular and famous people from Guayaquil, all gays.
I'll say it's safe to be gay in Ecuador however, you should stay in a big city, mostly because theres a lot of conservative people in small towns and not too many other gay people, i think the best place for you and your partner would be Quito because people here is more respectful than in the coast
hi... in here there're many people gay, even there arespecial places for gay people like discos, bars, etc..., in all cases, as people told u before, try to stay in big cities, 'cause there're small cities where conservative people may treat you unkindly, also try to be open in the places specific to you, in big cities are open-minded but is better if you don't take chances... hope to hear from u soon and if you want company just ask, I have people who can take u to visit this places in Guayaquil
Hi i would say to you.....Live your lives because anyone can discriminate you and your partner. The world was chenged abd doesn't have space for this questions.
We do live our life. We are looking for where we want to live next. It is a big world with possibilty. Why choose to live where we may be hated for who we are? That is why the question has value. I like what I read about your country. I also like Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Argentina, France, Italy. I like Ecuador best, so I ask. Yes the world has changed but some more than others. We must be real here.
I agree that it's definitely fine to be gay in Ecuador. I've been living here in Quito 2 years now and have seen and met more gay people/transvestites than i ever did living in the States. Quito has a great selection of non-exclusive gay bars, nightclubs and after parties, even personally checked one out one night and had a great time.
Hey Papajohn, To be Gay in Ecuador is not a problem, I have many gays friends and there is not problem with this, people respect a lot the gays even in the coast not as Ivan Loza comment (I think he never visit the coast of Ecuador, sometimes happen), the ecuadorians are very friendly and try to help you when we think you need it, we are open hearts and wide smiles, people only are interesting on you as person not what is your sexual orientation, political belief, religion, skin color, money, only the person as a person
I hope this help you a little
best regards

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