Hallo! I wanna ask about transportation I can take to travel for Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. Could you please tell me how much and how...

...long the duration is for bus and train? If there's specification (business class, economic class, etc) how much it will be? Thank you very much in advance for your answer... :)


Country: Vietnam


It's not a good idea to travel by bus. The distance is 1726km. It will take you from 33hrs to 40 hrs by train.

The best way is by plane. There are 2 main domestic airlines which are Jetstar Pacifice airlines and Vietnam airlines. Jetstar is cheaper. You can register at their website to be informed about promotions.

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the flight will take you 1hr 45 minutes
Well. You can go by train or airplane. If you go by train, your seat will be classified by: hard chair (the least comfortable one), soft chair, hard bed, soft bed (the most comfortable one). With chair, you can just sit, but with bed, you can lie. Price: range from 900000VND to 1000000VND. The distance between Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh is about 1730 km.
The best way is air plane. It take about 2-3 hours flying and cost below 150$ usd per ticket.
If it is not working you may try the train, It may take 2 or 3 day and less than 100$ usd/ men and some inconvenient but the sight seeing will be great.
for addition: If you wanna view the beautiful natural along the way. You should use train. But if you're gonna come here the first time, I recommend you to use the plane since it'll take you ~ 2 hours and a lot more comfortable to compare with using train. It'll cost you about more than 200 usd for return ticket between HCM city and Hanoi. When you come here, just email me and I'll take you around HCMC centre for free :)
It takes you so long time to travel by bus or train from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi. The Express train takes 30 hours and it is 32 hours by bus. I recommend you to take a plane.
And you also can travel by bus. There are some high quality Buses companies. If you choose this vehicle, it 'll take you ~2days. But, i think you shouldn't choose this.
The distance is about 1700km. It will take you from 33hrs to 40 hrs by train.You can go to Ha Noi by Viet Nam airlines, it'll faster.
a marathon trip? My golly! I won't suggest that, I tried that both train and sleeping bus and I don't want to do it again unless I'll stop for a night or two in different cities. Trust me two nights in a row sleeping in coach will make you crazy and why? Ok here's few of the reasons 1. no shower for two days toilet comfort 3. can't choose the restaurant or food chain you want to eat with for three days and two nights and, 4. limited sleeping comfort for two straight two nights, among other reasons ...if you want my one cent opinion if your concern is money then get the cheapest flight ...well am just sharing you my experience on a marathon trip from Saigon to Hanoi and vice versa
you can take by bus, train and flight.
you can access website .vn and find out the price of bus.
I highly recommend you to travel by air, it takes you about 0.5 hour from centre of Ho chi minh city to airport, 2 hours for flight, and 1 hour for travel from airport to Ha Noi centre (you can take a bus at the airport to Ha noi centre with ticket price at 25000vnd ~ 1.4usd)
You can choose Vietnam airlines :
- business: ~7,700,000 vnd
- economics: ~3,000,000 to 3,300,000vnd

or Jestar pacific:
~ 2,000,000 to 3,000,000vnd depend of conditions of each ticket types

If you still want to travel by bus, you can buy ticket at sinhcafe (one kind of open tour,if you want to stop at some city for 1 - 2 days you can do, and catch the next bus of sinhcafe, details at )

Anything you want to ask, you can revert.
it is about 1800km from HCMC to Hanoi.
you can travel by bus, train or plane.
by bus, you travel along 1A highway and you can see many city, sea and mountain all your trip.
by train, you will see forest and rice field and sea...
if you need speed, you should travel by plane.
if you need meet people, you should travel by bus.
If you need have a view, you should travel by train.
Welcome to Vietnam. Have a good trip.
I recommend you to take a flight. I have ever go to Ha Noi by bus. However, I think it may be a chance to travel through Vietnam. I think Sinh Cafe is considerable. They have many tours for you to choose.
I think you should know that Tet Holiday is coming close, it's just about month ahead. If you go to Hanoi now, I recommend you to plan something to do till Tet. Try some "Tet-taste" of Vietnamese!

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