we are looking to find places that offer cooking lessons in sri lanka


Country: Sri Lanka


please drop a mail to would be pleased to help you
There are professionals for do this type of thing. I know a few names. It all depends on the type of cuisine you are interested in. Please contact me for more details I will be glad to help.
There are many places who offer cooking classes.But Each class has its own identity,such as specialised in chinese,local ,western,eastern etc,Also there are some schools,providing cookery classes,.If you can contact me through E.mail .I am glad to give you more information.
What type of cooking you are thinking of? If it is eastern type especially the Sri Lankan cooking habits? I could organize it by myself. To prepare hot curry s, the curry powder that you can prepare by yourself, The herbal components used to flavor etc;etc; drop a mail the
there are few known cookery teachers such as Shantha mayadunne and few others who usually comes on tv..u can go thru the directory you get the names..

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