Hi All, I will be in tokyo by end of January and I need to Know how long does it take from Nareta Air Port till central Tokyo (by...

...bus / train). thanks,


Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


It's a little over an hour by Narita Express. You can look up times and prices at There is an English tab. Just in put your approximate departure time from Narita Airport and input your destination in Tokyo (Tokyo means Tokyo Station, Shinjuku) and it will give you 5 different options with prices and travel time.
If you arrive in Tokyo station marunouchi exit, it will take about one hour 40 minutes. There are some stopping points in Tokyo, so please check this site

If you are using Keisei skyliner, you will reach keisei ueno station in 1 hour.
There are also some stopping points in downtown Tokyo, like shinjuku.
If you want to arrive in Tokyo Station, better to use Tokyu Narita Express, it will take 1 hour.
Welcome to Tokyo.
To make it clear for you. There are 2 train operator and limousine bus that connect Narita Airport with various part of Tokyo.
First of all, check carefully which part of Tokyo you wish to go.

If this is the first time you are here, I suggest you take the limousine bus.

It connect to most of the major train station and hotels in Tokyo. Save you some hassle if you have many language.
Time and cost depends on where you wish to go. Estimated time and cost can be found on the homepage. (ex. Tokyo station ,about 75 ~ 110 mins, 3000 yen, Shinjuku, about 85 ~ 115 mins, 3000 yen)

If you have few language and willing to explore the most sophisticated and puncture train/subway system, try the train. 1-1.5hr, from Narita to Keisei Ueno, cost 2000-1000yen using Keisei Skyliner/Keisei Express.

JR Narita Express is another option, operatored by JR, which connect Narita with all major Tokyo train station/Yokohama.

2940 yen from Narita to Tokyo station , 56 min.

For your information, it will take you about 45min-1hr from the time of landing until you get pass the custom. Bus ticket can be purchase at Ground Floor. And train ticket is at B1F.

Enjoy the stay :)
I would budget 2 hours for the trip. With waiting time and transit time it will take that long.
Dear Guest,

Welcome to Japan Tokyo.

I agree with Mr. Wong’s proposal.

I add one advice about Bus trip.
Usually bus route from Narita to Central Tokyo chooses Higashi-Kanto high way.
Several times, Higashi-Kanto high way has terrible traffic accident. Reason is based on long & long straight high way. Its affect on traffic elapse time. I had been from Narita to Tokyo by my car almost 4 hours spending.

If you need to reach Central Tokyo puncture, I strong recommend train option.

Good luck,

The less expensive and quickest way is by Keisei Skyliner train, wich connects Narita with Nishi Nippori or Ueno Station on the JR Yamanote Line, wich is a circle line around Central Tokyo.

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