how should I get from naples to Pompeo or amalfi. ferry?


Country: Italy


34 minutes train
look for timetable into Trenitalia site
input Napoli as departing and Pompei as arrival
There are regular bus services to Pompei from Naples. Or, in Naples pick up the Circumvesuviana train which will stop just outside the Archeological site in Pompei - its fast and convenient.

To travel to Amalfi from Naples, you can choose either to take a bus (there are several in a day and take different routes) or the boat/ferry. The latter run in the summer but are not as frequent as buses.
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Seeing Pompeii itself is a very nice day trip from Naples.

From Naples you should take the commuter train to the scavi which takes half an hour.
From Naples to Amalfi you have several options:
1) In season, ferries from the waterfront.
2) Frequent Circumvesuviana trains to Sorrento, then bus.
3) Naples Centrale train station catch the Eurostar train service to Salerno train station then walk to the nearby marina and catch the Coop Sant'Andrea ferry to Amalfi (35 mins) or take the local SITA bus outside the train station to Amalfi (65 mins). For restaurant tips in/around naples and the amalfi coast you can visit my blog.
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To Pompei you can get from Naples Circumvesuviana direct to Sorrento or train that leaves from Naples and go to Sapri, station in Pompei is 10 min far from archeological site.To arrive in Amalfi there are regular bus from Salerno,just down the railway station.
From Naples to Pompei , from the main train station it's about half an hour by train.
To go to Amalfi the most common way is the "ciucumvesuviana" rail road, a sort of commuter used daily by the locals, but the best way for a tourist is probably to take a ferry from the port, go all around the peninsula and dock at the Amalfi little lovely port. The view of the Amalfi coast and Capri island from the ferry is spectacular.

the cheapest way is by train.....
the most expensive is by taxi......

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