I shall be in Thailand for 2 weeks. I will be in Bangkok. Which other places do people recommend I visit? North? South? Ideally...

...I would like Bangkok and 1 other area. Is 7 days in Bangkok too much? Thank you.


Country: Thailand


well, If you like nature and adventure in the forest or mountain I strongly suggest visit the North of Thailand. if you like beach and adventure under the sea then go to the South of Thailand.
7 days in Bangkok is not too much. You can travel with nearby provinces for a day trip like Kanchanaburi waterfalls or beaches in Pattaya. Snorkeling in Phi Phi is the place you should never missed for South of Thailand. For Northern part I would recommend Chiang Mai or Mae hongsorn. Have a good time..!!
there's a lot of sightseeing places in Bangkok so I think it will not too much to stay around the metroplolitan, such as, temples, museums, shopping mall, second handed markets etc., depends on what you like to do so. they are surrounded in the capital city whether you have more day, you will have time to take a break and stop by some peaceful places also.

About the 7 days left, if you like to enjoy the adventure, I suggest you to go up to National Park "Khao Yai". It's very near from bangkok, so less time to there. Or, you like to see sand and sun, I suggest you to go to "Cha-am" or "Bang Saen" because it takes time only few hours to go there and less people than "Hua Hin" or "Pattaya" if you like more peaceful. Anyway, the last to choices also not far from Bangkok.
7 days in Bangkok is about 4 days too long. And do not start with Bangkok, put it at the end of your visit. I could really recommend the town I live in, Hua Hin, which is located about 230 km south of Bangkok. Really nice tempo, extremely nice Thai and international restaurants (Hua Hin has a large foreign population), nice beaches with clean water and a lot of top class golf courses. You can go here by Taxi, Mini bus, regular bus or Train. Price range for transport between 200 - 2000 Bath. Hotel start from around 600 Bath and up depending on standards. Hua Hin also have a nightlife which is much friendlier and relaxed compared with Pattaya (beware of this town - STAY AWAY!).
Other activities here is deep sea fishing, Go Cart, Paint ball, plus many other sporting activities. The shopping is also very good here. Welcome!
Seven days in Bkk are a it too much, I guess, however if you are dividing them wisely (e.g. follow the advice of Khun Tipsuda above), then it's ok.
My suggesrion for Bkk:
First day: Whereever you stay in Bkk, make your way to the nearest BTS Skytrain station, go to "Saphan Thaksin" station at the river. From there take Express Boat to Emerald Buddha Temple and Wat Pho (Reclining Bhuddha Temple). From there take a tuk-tuk to Chinatown (Yaowarat) and soak in the Chinese atmosphere there. In the evening have dinner at BAYOKE 2 Sky restaurant (Bkk's highest building).
Second day: Take a bike tour (visit )
Third day: Stroll around in Bkk's shopping malls (MBK, Discovery, Siam Centre, Paragon, Central Plaza (they are all connected by an elevated walkway system). Don't forget to visit the "Emerald Shrine", located at the intersection in front of Erawan Hotel.
If you prefer the beach, go to the south or south-east. If you prefer the mountains, go to Chiangmai. Doing the so-called "Maehongson Loop" is very advisable. You can do by local bus/minivan, hired car or hired motorcycle (quite adventurous!).
Hi Dee,
Two weeks in Thailand is not enough but for most people 2 or 3 nights is enough. It takes to long time to get around in and out of Bangkok.
my favorite place in Thailand is the Islands in the South, Phuket, Phi Phi. Lanta and some of the less developed Islands like Koh Lipe and Koh Muk. I live in Phi Phi Island and can help you out with some info and some travel tips if you are interested.
Nice beaches, excellent snorkeling and diving, rock climbing or just have fun in the sun.
Bangkok is not so good for a long Stay. North is very nice and Quiet. low cost flights to north or south With Air Asia and Accommodation.
i can help here Free information.
if you need help just ask.
Heja Dee
Welcome for 2 weeks in Thailand. Bangkok (Krung Thep) 7 days might become
boring if you don't have an extended sultural/sightseeing interest! For other places
again depends of your preferences: Upcountry North Chiang Mai / Rai: Northeast
Isaan: Southwards over Hua Hin and the Islands Phuket / Samui or the Eastern
Seaside with Pattaya - the hottest spot in SE-Asia.
Seven days in Bangkok is a lot. Now it depends on your interests. If you like culture and trekking, I strongly recomend Chiang Mai and the north (Pai). If you like beach, go to Phucket. If you like to party and drink yourself to oblivion, go to Pattaya.

Now you can also spend a few days in Cambodia (Angkor Vat) or Laos (Luang Prabang). Both can easily be reached by cheap flights and easy visa.
I can talk with you if you are interested in a tour but really it depends on what your looking for? Bangkok is a great city!
Thailand a great place !

Travel safe
maybe 7 days in Bangkok is to much, but there is a lot to do and see, if you want to go on an island i would recommend Koh Chang it is only 4 hours away from Bangkok and the island is not so touristy like many in thailand, so you can relax after Bangkok as well as you can enjoy the beaches.
Visit Chang Mai in the north, Isaan in the East, Ranong in the West and Phuket in the South.
some people find it impossible to leave bangkok because it can be a fantastic social whirl............avoid pattaya unless your a sex tourist hit samed island instead just a little further away, more fun to hook up with others to travel north or south, and fly to save time and if you have the funds. unless its your thing dont get trapped in the sex scene its a drain on your soul your pocket and the most temporary ego boost money better spent on dental work!
Depends, if you like nightlife, shopping buzzling town then it's ok. You can take a day trip to the provincial nearby. Then head south if you would like to soak up the tan and if you prefer the mountain and culture head up north. Whenever you are in Chiangmai and can decide where to stay then check out our resort and yes we are in Chiangmai. Good luck and have a great trip wherever you go.

bangkok is a metropol - a hughe city with nothing more than a lot of stones, shops, traffic and and and...

i cant understand your statement. who comes to thailand and stays 7 days in BKK and dont know about anything else?

get a bungalow on a nice island and spend as much time as you can by chillin in a hammock.

some people are so far away of a relaxing holiday as we are from being gods.

sorry, but i am shocked by your message.

i really whish for you, that you will have a great holiday and that you will learn how to plan a real holiday.


1. 7 days in bkk is too much!
2. visit Koh Phangan!

up to you.
I recommend you to visit Chiangmai.You can go up to the moutain visit the temple called 'Doi suthep' and see the view of Chiangmai city,have fun with elephant ride,treking and rafting,visit butterflies farm,orchid farm or play with tiger at tiger kingdom,enjoy mineral hot spring bath in' Sunkampang',shopping good quality and beautiful home decorate item in 'Ban Tawai' and you can go to see Chiangrai 'Golden Triangle' it's the view point you can see 3 country in same time 'thailand,Laos,Mynmar' just 4 hours from Chiangmai and to get here Just 1 hour fly from Bangkok and they have flight every hour!!! Bon Voyage!!!
I'm new, but I can tell your more information about Bangkok and other provinces.
A. Bangkok
1. Sight seeing in the evening and night.
Let's go to Siam Square and Sky train. There're several malls especially Siam Paragon.
2. Shopping day-time : Jatujak - huge market place. You can look for souvenir, cloth, shoes or local product.
3. Beautiful temple : Wat Prakaew, Musuem(nearby) etc
4. Cruise in Chaopraya river for dinner.
5. Night life : Pat Phong, Cowboy road, Khao San road.
6. Massage and spa. You can see everywhere.
and many more.

B. Metropolitan area
1. Sea and Island : There're several cities which are closed to Bangkok such as Pattaya, Rayong (East) Prachaub,

Petchburi (South)
2. Floating market. There're several markets in Samut Prakarn.
3. City model in Samut Prakarn or Pattaya.
4. Crocrodile show (Samut Prakarn), Tiger show (Chonburi), Open zoo (Chonburi - Khao Khaew, Bangkok - Safari

world), Siam Park (artificial sea, Bangkok)
5. Pakchong and Khao Yai for moutain activities such as bird watching, grape garden, jump from tree into the river,

fun activities, visit cow farm and pet show, biking, sun flower garden.

C. West
1. Kanchanaburi :
1.1 Water falls
1.2 Famous tiger temple (to take a photo)

D. East
1. Pattaya : tourism city. You know it. There're every thing. night bar, massage, food, bar
2. Islands : Samed (Rayong), Chang (Trat)
3. Beach : Pattaya, Rayong etc

E. South
1. Phuket : tourism city, but it's a whole island city.
2. Krabi, Phang-Nga : kayaking (impressive landscape), PP Islands (scuba diving, skin diving)
and many more.

F. North
1. Chiangmai tourism city. town and walking street, mountain, temple, panda, hot spring, national park.
2. Famous Pai, Mae Hong son. Beautiful city you can search for pictures in google.

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