I will be traveling to southern italy and Sicily in August with my family. We are looking to spend a few days at a sandy beach...

...location that will not be too crowded or too expensive. Any suggestions?


Country: Italy


I remember that in the sout-west of Sicily are some terrific beaches, almost empty, incredible but true, in the neighbourhood of Sciacca ecc
Hi There. I am from central Italy so it's difficult for me to reply to this question. Anyway, I've just turn it to a friend of mine who is from near Catania, I'll let you know as soon as she answer me.

Hope to help.
August is the month when italians take holidays, especially the first 2 weeks.
If you travel by car and are interested in the archeological area of Greek Temple of Paestum you could stop in the area becouse here there is a so large sand beach and it is not difficult to get a not crowded area.
In this case you could visit my guest house
I live near Tropea and Capo Vaticano. Here there are nice white sandy beaches and i can help you to find an accomodation. The Eolian islands with the ever erupting Stromboli Volcano are just in front of us and there are daily cruises from Tropea to the islands.
It would be better to avoid the weeks from 7 to 21 when most of italians are in vacation.

I would suggest the area of Agrigento, famous all over the world for the "valley of the Temples" and also very nice for the sandy beaches

August is a busy month with Italian holidaymakers, but the beautiful beaches
around Ascea, on the Cilento coastline, offer a great variety of places, services and costs.
Buone Vacanze!
Italy in August will be a bit crowded and expensive, just because that's the time when all Italians and most Europeans are on holiday.
If you are looking for beautiful sandy beaches you may also visit Puglia

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