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Hi, If you are interested in the types of things it is best to shop for when visiting New Zealand I can recommend a few things. New Zealand greenstone (jade, pounamu) has been carved by the Maori for hundreds of years. These days it is traditionally presented with new and old design flares. Most greenstone is found in the South Island and many tourist shops sell it. However I would look for a place where you can talk to the carver about his craft. New Zealand Paua shell is also prized for its unique coloring and pearls(mostly cultured). Paua shell is used in Necklaces and other jewellery forms. The native maori also made pendants from bone (beef & whale) and have unique designs not seen in many other places in the world. If you are looking for the best places to shop, Queenstown in the South Island is one of our best places and perhaps Rotorua in the North Island.
Best things to shop for are Maori bone carvings, Paua shell jewellery. Greenstone. Please do talk to talk to a Maori about purchasing these as both the bone carvings and the greenstone are to be blessed before wearing and are not to be brought for yourself but given as a gift.
You must try our boysenberrys.
You can always buy a something with a kiwi or fern on it.
There are authentic handcrafted Maori Arts & Crafts all over New Zealand, particularly in our Tourist spot Rotorua.
We also have a wide range of Sheepskin Products & NZ Souvenirs
You can spoil yourself with beautiful and handcrafted jewellery to suit your tastes, or create your own jewellery in their own making room at a special Jewerllery store in Hastings.
There are numerous boutiques in Havelock North and Napier where one can shop at their leisure.
We also have a specialist shop called the Honey Factory which demonstrates how honey is produced and shows the ways that various types of honey is used. The variety is extensive and is not only for taste,but is used for medicinal purposes which is graded by Government sources for various uses which are exported all over the World.
I went to Rotorua in 1995 saw the glaziers and missed the Maori Arts and Crafts , next time I want to experience that

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