I'm getting married in sept and we are think of Phuket for our honeymoon. however we've read that it's rainy season in September.......

...should we scrap the idea?


Country: Thailand


No need to scrap the idea at all as rainy season does not mean that it's raining all day (however this may happen, too, for a short period).
More important during the rainy is that usually the wind is quite strong and the sea is quite choppy and dangerous to swim and snorkle.
If I were you however, I would change going to the east side of the peninsula, to one of the islands of the SAMUI archipelago as the east coast is much less affected by the southwest monsoon as the west cost (Phuket etc.) during that time of the year.
thanks for the advice

What date I can check with the weather person and make sure you have a sunnyday!
Its can be rain or not rain for everyday, Maybe you will good luck. Anyway if you Keep doing your idea just go! And have another choice to see around that plae is Samui there are beautifull and not less than Phuket also better weather all year.
It rained almost everyday here in Phuket last September. I think it's better to go to Koh Samui like Wilfried said.
Heja - good morning and congratulations to your forthcoming wedding!
1st: Thailand is NOT only Phuket! There are plenty of fascinating destinations to
chose! 2nd: Rainy season does not mean that it pours down 24 h/day. In no way
could/should this be a reason to "scrap" your honeymoon plans.
3rd: You're on track in time by preparing your wedding/honeymoon early enough.
Good Luck and Have Fun
Usually September is the most raining month of the year for Phuket and all the Andaman area. So if you want to be sure to get sunny day do like Wilfred say and go to the east coast in Ko Samui
The rainy season is more a green season :-)
Its not raining all the time and some places more than others. You can have several weeks of no rain and you can have several days of all day rain - but mostly a bit of rain in the evening and night time.
You could go to Phi Phi Island where we have a lot less rain than Phuket and this Island is a beautiful place for a honeymoon :-) we are covered by Phuket to the west and main land Thailand to the east so a lot of the rain just passes Phi Phi Island with no rain for us. We are one of the Islands in Thailand with the least amount of rain.
Or the Samui area where they are sheltered from mainland Thailand to the west like Wilfred already pointed out.
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Hello Mkasztejna
Phuket is good for a honeymoon any time. This year unfortunately we have very heavy rains.
Check out this website:-
They give a very good indication of what the weather may hold in store for you ?
Do you have an idea of an itinerary ?
Post again if you need more info.
Blessings for the wedding.
Hi, I would get married in Phuket. Yes, it rains, but not the whole day, mostly a big shower around 3/4 in the afternoon. Phuket has the most splendid places to stay and high quality services for getting married, from the romantic chapel in Laguna to great hotels and everything you need more. Furthermore, it has an international airfield, so your guest can arrive smoothly.
I am in the event business myself in the Netherlands and I could hardly image a better place for getting married. I do not provide these services on Phuket, so my advice is free from any commercial interest.
Wishing you a lovely wedding,
the worst time of the year on the islands is july/august seas can be very rough, just check for last 2 years weather results for the islands easily found on google.
rain is supposed to be good luck for newly weds
the world weather is a mess, in bangkok this weeks we had monsoon rain and humid days, when we should be in a lovely cool dry period. there are no guarantees, be where you most want to be on your special day, live with and cherish the memory of what ever that day throws at you!
I've been to Samui many times during the rainy season and several times it didn't rain at all for the few weeks I was there. Even when it does, it's only for an hour or so and is quite dramatic to see if you haven't seen it before.
Samui has lots to see and do as well, and is easy to get around as it's smaller than Phuket.
Dear Mkasztejna
In september is a rainny season but you can make a honeymoon trip in Phuket ,there are many activities.
If you need more ,let me know by email:
If you need medical tourism like spas ,dental,dermatology,holistic ,dermatology etc.
we can help you ,it's a free of charge

Looking forward to hearing from yo

Best regards

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