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Best fishing in Costa Rica is in the South Pacific. In the area of Golfito... The rest is mainly touristy! Super expensive...over advetised..and nor nearly as good! Golfito is a World Record and World Champion's place!
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I agree with the answer below, however, Golfito Sport Fishing is some of the most expensive fishing in the country! While the northern pacific coast can get touristy, there are also genuine and high quality charters in these areas that are worth fishing with.

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This is pretty good general info on your question, it is not mine, I am too busy to elaborate my own answer , right now, but this will help you. There iw some truth to Olga Saénz answer and that is by some standard the South Pacific is one of the best spots for fishing.

Fishing in this country, is also a popular most satisfying water sport. Costa Rica has a vast resource of fish in its huge stretches of lakes, seas and ocean. Be it deep sea fishing or fresh water fishing, Costa Rica has it all. Due to the large scale in which fishing is carried out there are several formal units of Costa Rica fishing. There is a wide variety of fish that are available, like the Sailfish, Wahoo, Billfish, Roosterfish, Marlin, Dolphins, Tuna, Cubera, Snapper, Blue runners, Snook and various other unusual fish. One can fish in various places with a lot of success.

The primary center for fishing is the stretch between Gulf of Papagayo Flamingo Beach and Cabo Blanca that has a complete marina option.

Popular ports of the Pacific area that is used for fishing are Flamingo, Carrillo, Coco, Ocotal, Tamarindo, Golfito, Dominical, Punta Leona, Puntarenas, Zancudo, Quepos and Manuel Antonio, Drake Bay, Zancudo and Tambor.

Another popular area for fishing in the Central Pacific region is the stretch between Drake Bay Quepos and Cabo Blanco.

Golfito is probably the major juncture for fishing in the South Pacific region with two developed marinas.
Costa Rica Sport Fishing Holidays at Los Suenos Resort

Where there is world class fishing. Where you can catch a marlin (black, blue or stripe), sailfish, tuna, mahi, rooster, snapper, grouper….. All with in an hours run from port.
Now really dream and place it at a 5 star resort with an 18 hole golf course. Spice it with friendly locals, luxury accommodations and guaranteed weather (Yes that’s right it doesn’t rain from November thru May). Dream Catcher is located at Los Suenos resort in Herradura, Costa Rica. I have been fishing the country for over 14 years and have yet to find any other place in the world that is its equal. Sunny and 85 degrees. Calm waters and incredible fishing. You can live and catch your dreams here.

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