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John, this is a very broad question. I suggest you go on-line for this one and decide where you want to go in N. CA. There are SO many places to camp but the very nicest place would, of course, be Yosemite. You can get all the info you need through their website.

Have fun!
Northern California is very broad. You can camp all the way up the coast or in-land and even into Oregon which is gorgeous as well. I was born and raised camping up and down the West Coast. I love Mt. Lassen in Northern California, Yosemite and even camping on the coast line around Santa Cruz to Pebble Beach.
John, There are so many good camping areas, but I would recommend two places in Northern California: Patrick Point State Park [combination of coastal and big trees] in the Eureka area, and Big Basin State Park [camping in the Redwoods] in Santa Cruz.
I would agree with the answers so far. I will add that it depends on how touristy you would like your camping experience to be. As cheesy as it is, I always thought Yosemite had the most beautiful sites and conveniences. If you want to get some real camping in go for the back country, which is just further in to Yosemite. I agree with Susan, you should check out their website,
there are some great state parks (Big Basin, Henry Coe,) in the Bay Area, some beautiful camping spots north of SF in Point Reyes and the Sonoma coast. If you're looking for mountains, the best spots are around Tahoe, Shasta, and the Trinity Alps.
I have to agree with Susan, Victoria and Kirsten; Yosemite can't be beat! Another website that is great help is which has Yosemite and Gold Country camping information including what is mentioned below.

I've camped in and around Yosemite National Park for over 50 years and still keep going back.

Sorry John I am thousands of miles from northern California and am not able to recommend any suitable camping areas. If you want to wander much farther east to Pennsylvania I could recommend many nice camping areas.
#1. Sacramento and Western Sierra Foothills Campgrounds
#2. San Francisco Bay Area Campgrounds
#3. Big Basin Redwoods State Park Campgrounds
#4. Eldorado National Forest Area Campgrounds
#5. Twin Lakes Campground
#6. Yosemite National Park Area Campgrounds
#7. Tahoe National Forest Area Campgrounds
#8. Wrights Lake Campground
#9. Yosemite Foothills and Sierra National Forest Campgrounds
#10. Mammoth Basin Campgrounds
Would be my "Top 10" Places
I camped at Yosemite and really enjoyed it. But it depends on what time of year you plan to go and what area you plan to be in.
There are a lot of places to camp. I live up by Yosemite National Park so naturally I would say try here. Yosemite is beautiful with it's rock formations and waterfalls. It is a favorite place to camp out.
I live in Southern California but I've used this site for camping down here and it was good:
I recommend camping near the Russian River. There is also camping available on Angel Island, in the Presidio and you can also camp up near Goat Rock State Beach.
These places are all close to San Francisco and the East Bay.. max a two and half hour drive. It really depends on how close you want to be to "civilization" and how cushy you want the camping experience to be.

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