where is the best cinema in Singapore for Avatar? How much are their ticket prices? have caption or not? thanks!


Country: Singapore


best cinema will probably be at Vivo City. thats the shopping centre in Harbour Front MRT station. for a normal ticket, it would cost about $7.50 to $10 depending on the day and time you watch. there is also the Gold Class option at Vivo City, which is more expensive but supposedly more comfortable.
here's the website for Golden Village, the cinema at Vivo City -
All cinemas will be showing Avatar at the moment but you need to be quick, the film is not for viewing for a long time, just a short window to see it. Prices are S$10 for peak times and down to S$6 for off-peak times. The film can also be seen in 3D.
Hey, If you choose to see the movie in 3D version, remember to select the back roll seat far away from screen and you wound regret it..
Hi, if you are really into 3D. I would suggest that you go to Shaw Lido/CCK or Singapore Science centre.

As they have the BEST 3D effect compare to the rest. Shaw using RealD, GV Vivo/Grand/Marina using Dolby 3D.
[[All this info are provided by Newspaper > Digital Life]]

Shaw is selling 3D ticket @ $11 whereby GV is selling it @ $10.

Cheers... ^^
My personal preference for cinemas showing 3D movies like Avatar are

Filmgarde @Bugis
Shaw Lido

Most cinemas will feature subtitles in Mandarin.

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