Two of us will be coming over from the UK and staying in SF on Tues 27th and would appreciate advice on your favourite hotel with an...

...excellent central location please. Also your suggestions for planning a romantic evening. Thanks, Mark


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


The Westin St. Francis is a great hotel. Right on Union Sqaure, cable car line, and all the shopping. You can use public transit to get from there to anywhere.
Huntington Hotel is right on top of Nob Hill, next to Cable Car line. A few blocks for Union Square. It has a nice spa.
Generally anything around union square is a great location. Walking distance to everything you need. In fact when I used to visit SF and depending on your budget I would use (anything 4 stars and above) and always land in a great hotel. My favorite though is Hotel Vitale which on the corner of mission and embarcadero. Its a little bit of a hike to union square but the hotel is great and you right across from the ferry building. It has a lot of action at the bar downstairs during weekends.
In regards to a romantic evening. This posting has some good ideas.

In fact I'm planning a date right now and this is what I'm doing
1. Dinner at the bar at Ozumo (fantastic sushi place which actually is across the street from hotel vitale)
2. Stand up comedy show at the punchline
3. Hot cocoa drinks and sit at the sutro baths and watch the waves
3a. Backup is wine on the couches of Bubble Lounge or Drinks with a view at the top of the marriotte
I love the Hotel Juliana. It's a boutique hotel in a great location, right at the entrance to Chinatown, walking distance to Union Square, North Beach and lots of public transportation.

For a romantic dinner you can't beat Cafe Jaqueline. She is the master of souffle and it is a romantic spot in North Beach. Make a reservation, although this restaurant isn't new, it fills up night after night.
If you like something nice but a bit different from the standard big corporate hotel, try choosing from this list: . And for romantic ideas, try and
Hi Magreen...
As you know there are so many hotels in the City so it will depend on your budget. You can find reasonable rooms near Union Square or down near the Wharf, depending on your preferences. Check Kimpton Hotels and Joie de Vivre hotels. For a romantic evening I would have a glass of wine and oysters down at the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero at the end of Market St... and then stroll along the Embarcadero to La Mer(a new Peruvian Restaurant) or The Waterfront(seafood) or Butterfly. From these places you get all the gorgeous lights of the Bay Bridge, Treasure Island and the East Bay. There are other more expensive restaurants...The Water Bar and Epic Roast House as well a little south closer to the bridge. To end the evening dancing at the Top of the Mark. If it was me, I'd spend less on the hotel and put those dollars into a lovely evening!
Mandarin Oriental has amazing views if you can afford it. If you're lucky, you might get a reservation at Gary Danko's which is fabulous for dinner. Take a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and look at the city from the other side at night - it's beautiful.

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