How about being a nurse? I am a registered nurse also in my country... any opportunities there to work as a care provider? Pls help me...

...realize what profession is in demand on your country. I would like to thank you all in advance even just by reading my question and hopefully answering it and giving some shed of light on my fogged confused mind.


Country: Thailand


Hello Lee
I recall having answered your question before, but here is some more info I got for you....
In nursing, you have to have a nursing qualification, then you have to re- do all your exams here, in Thai language, then if you pass you get a work permit and away you go. Any and all medical personnel have to do this.
Sorry but it is the law here in Thailand.
Hope this helps you ?
maybe there is a posibility without re doing all. The best would be to contact directly some smaller hospitals. may it is not 'official' but it will gives you the chance to be here.
Hello Lee
If you need to get job like nurse in Thailand ,it's so hard because you have to read and understand thai culture and thailand not allow foreigner to be nurse because thai people have a good qualify ,not make sence to hire foreigner.
Thailand speak our language ,not English but you can find out others like USA.

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