I´d like to travel to peru n volunteer for free.

Do you know a place where i can volunteer without paying anyhting?


Country: Peru


I recommend you to search at craiglist,org. Mosto NPO's post their needs there
You'll be able to find plenty of projects to volunteer around the rural areas of the country... but I can recommend you one that I have visited many times and I know it really works well.
You can check and get extra information. It's in Cusco area and working with children is great. Good luck!!!
There are plenty of little ngo in both rural and urban areas. Depending on your expertise and experience you´ll be able to find information on APCI (NAtional Office for NGO´s)

There are also de big NGO´s as CARE, Red Cross, etc etc and also UN agencies as UNICEF, FAO etc...
hope it helps you to find the right one
First, what kind of volunteering would you like to do?? i belong to a youth and child organization where there is place for educational activities such as languages teaching, youth work, non formal education, citizenship, so if you want further information, i can provide it and we wilbe in touch.
HI :)
WELL if u wanna volunteer in my country, there is a place which u can volunteer for free is called INTIWAWA, IS on my city Arequipa, more details, just sent me a message,
you got to come to the Andes and go to the places where volunteers work (cusco, urubamba, pisac, sacred valley,etc) you can even get paid if you are professional. i know lot of volunteers who can help you and my friend here is the boss in one organitation called Pro-Peru, but dont go by the internet because is too expensive, i dont understand why but that's how it works.
I think I do.
Try to look at the YMCA nearest to your place.
They do volunteering every year with people from all over the world.
What I can tell you is that even though you volunteer you must pay your ticket. (I'm not completely sure)
Good luck.
Hi José Miguel. Take a look of this link, maybe you can find something like you are searching:
Hi, you can see this web is in spanish, I hope you can undestand it, you can get a contact there and after you confirm there's a place for you, then come to Lima. Good Luck...
There's a lot of places to volunteer here in Peru and they cost NOTHING. It all depends on what exactly you want to do to help and whom. There's little children, ill people, old people...I strongly suggest that you come and help, it's really rewarding!
you should visit this web,

i have a friend who is the director in this ONG who is ubicated in Ayacucho
There are lots of places where you can volunteer for free. Doesn't sound reasonable to pay for volunteering, right? Well, it all depends on what kind of volunteering and where would you like to do it. I'm working on a particular project with a native community in the jungle, if you are interested send a message to ; i'd love to tell you about it.
There are many places to go if you wanna give a hand. All the parroquias which are a kind of department of the catholic church make all week lots of activities for children, poor people, also some universities organize activities to help the comunity.
Check out my website
We arrange volunteering for any length of time, in various fields (health, environment, women, handicapped, education ...) and can also combine this with Spanish classes and / or homestay in families. Good luck, J-.

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