When I am planning my first trip to Egypt - for 14 nights - what are attractions and sites I MUST see, or the places I cannot miss out...

...on visiting? I am interested in the ancient monuments and sights but I also and interested in traditional cultures and communities...


Country: Egypt


since this is your first time in Egypt then the sights you shouldn't miss ofcourse it will be Giza pyramids....Phiela temple in Aswan & Abu Simbel temple...& ofcourse the most magnifecent sight valley of the kings & Luxor & karnak temples....if you need any help or more information I will be glade to help you anyway i can just e-mail me at
I guess Travel Centuries answer had it all right.. But Lyndall I read your profile and you look that you got it all figured out about Egypt. Why questioning?
I really would like to hear what other people think - there are still lots of places I haven't seen and I often wonder what Egyptians think are the big MUST SEE things in Egypt. Don't forget others from all over the world see this too :-)
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Hi Lyndall ,
There's a lot of places to be seen in Egypt According Ancient monuments and ancient history in general ..for example ..The pyramids (Giza) , step pyramid(Saqqara) ,Egyptian Museum , Coptic Museum ,Islamic Arts Museum ,Religion Court and many other
regarding traditional culture and the egyptian community i think that Egypt can speak for itself about that ..cause the air is full of culture and traditions
well i wish you a great visit ,full of pleasure
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Hope you're having a good day/night
Merry Christmas
there is alot of places sure giza and luxor , aswan , alex for roman and greek monuments and if u intrest in nature u should go to sinai
Giza pyramids and the egyptian museum, mohamad ali mosque in cairo
Phiela temple in Aswan & Abu Simbel temple
valley of the kings & Luxor & karnak temples
bibliotecal of alexandria
advise you to visit Alexandria, where the Greco-Roman antiquities as well as Cairo hailed the meeting point of all civilizations, Pharaonic and Roman and Coptic and Islamic, and then a business trip relaxing Nile to visit the landmarks of Luxor and Aswan and enjoy the warmest scenes along the Nile with a visit temples of Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo, I can help you to travel to Egypt without a tour operator, as that would In order to provide a lot

Mustafa Yahya
I think you have enough time to visit Sinai, where many cultures and crossroads of history meet. Here is place you can find the first alphabet, 3000 years old tombs, mount Musa and all the history of Exodus ect. Totally different from all Egypt is the Bedouin culture you will find in 10 tribes and regions here with variety of subcultures from history. Sinai is beautiful and mysterious place. Write me for more information.
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Welcome in egypt & Hope you have fun
If you want any help any time
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Abu Simbel temple and Phiela temple in Aswan

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