Hello! We need transfer service (speaking Russian only!!!) in New York from airport (JFK) to hotel on Madison Avenue on 01/12/2010 and... Miami from airport to hotel on 01/17/2010. Thank you!


City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States


I don't know much about JFK, but all US major airports have an information desk which will tell you what transportation is available. The hotel staff should be able to tell you what transportation is available. Maybe they have their own. I often look up on the internet the airport (JFK) and find on it "transportation services" and make reservations with that service by email. The service is usually not very costly.
Try its a Russian Yellow Pages, I know many car services in Brooklyn that speak russian, try 718-646-6666, it may be more expensive though because they are located in Brooklyn.
Try World Airport

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