Are foreigners allowed to buy an apartment or house in Thailand?

What do I need to do to be able to buy one? What papers do I need?


Country: Thailand


Foreigners are allowed to buy an apartment but not land. I would contact the embassy for more info
Embassies cannot (and will not) give legal advice.
A foreigner is not entitled to own any peace of land, house or apartment in the Kingdom of Thailand, but however a Thai company can own land, house or apartment, a Thai company means at least 50,1% is owned by Thai people, but foreigner can be stockholders for up to 49,9%. So that way everything in Thailand stays in ownership of Thai people.
You can buy an apartment (condominium) here without a problem. The deal is that 51% of the building has Thai ownership so 49% foreigners have the rest of the apartments. Buy a house is slightly harder - setting up a company is usually the best way and most legal house sellers have already had that set up.
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Here is the answer to your above question:-

A foreigner is theby not permitted to own a house and property in Thailand (cannot own land).

However,we can come up with 3 common ways around this issue
1. Purchase a home within your own Thailand registered company;
2. Purchase the home under Thai ownership with long-ranging (30+30+30 years) lease agreements;
3. Get married and put in a Thai name (be careful of this one).

Option 1 is easily the most preferred though the formalities are daunting and prevent many foreigners from going this route.

Here are some articles for further information:-

what documents or papers would be required if you pursue the above route.

We hope the above has answered your question.

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YES you are allowed to buy an apartment or house. Either leasehold or freehold.

Conditions -

APARTMENT: 51% of the Apartment block must be owned by a Thai national, this leaves 49% allowed to be owned OUTRIGHT (Freehold) by a foreign national. Of course this means limited supply though if you want to own OUTRIGHT (Freehold).

HOUSE/VILLA: You can either lease (leasehold) a house for 30 years X3 (total 90 years) or you can form your own company and own the house in the name of the company. The most popular way tends to be lease (leasehold). (This also applies to apartments if you are to late to own freehold)

Hope this can help you

You can have a 'Thai nominee' buy the land, and you then put your name as 100% mortgagee on the reverse side of the Land registry document. That stops anyone else buying it, or assigning gambling debts or whatever against the property. You get the nominee to sign power of attorney to you. you can the sell any time you wish without interference. You get a solictor to set up 'userfert interest' which gives you right to 100% benefit of anything on the land. And then you set up a lease with any dependants, children, or whoever. The userfert interest dies the day you do. But the lease can run on for 3 x 30 years. A good, English speaking solicitor will do all of this for you. IMPORTANT - get a house BEFORE a girl friend / wife. That way you still have a house and contents if you split. OK? Any help required let me know. I can provide houses, nominee, and a full service through contacts I know to be safe.
Tim RIchards reply should have shown that I live in Udon Thani in North East Thailand. OK?
You can buy an apartment as long as less than 49% of the units are foreign owned. Want land? Set up a Thai company and buy it under that.
It is very confusing but it is possible.
I suggest you look on for more information on this
you can not own land as a forgeiner, you can co-own with a thai. it is easy to rent apts, u just need yr passport and about 2months rent damage deposit. try
In all this answers, there is a missing detail : there is a formular which is needed when purchasing a condominium without work permit : you need to justify a certain amount of money directly transfered from abroad
If you don't have a work permit you most probably won't have a bank account and will be transferring funds direct to the property company's account.

They can advise you about any restrictions, but my belief is that you just need to quote their Tax ID in the payment and they would have to deal with their bank themselves.
You can buy a condominium with no problems as long as the building is 51% Thai owned.

You may also own a house but NEVER the land that it sits on unless the law is changed. All schemes (holding companies and leases) used to do so are technically also illegal in Thailand.

Whilst the law is not enforced right now, it could be in future and you could lose all the rights that you never really had anyway.
I would highly recommend a visit to Siam Legal - they have an office in Bangkok. And they also advise online.

Ensure that you have ALL the advice you can get your hands on. Many people have had their fingers burnt by attempting to do things 'on the cheap'.

Siam are great guys, very responsive and highly experienced.

Good Luck!
There are condiminiums that you can own freehold but land is normally leasehold. So it depends. To own land you have to set up a Thai Comany and have Thai Shareholders. If you are thinking of buying in Phuket you could contact Siam Real Estate and they will explain to you how you can do this. They have a really good web site and I think are the best estate agent in the south of the island.
Many foreigners who come to Southeast Asia are interested in living in the area and in having a home, be it an apartment, a condominium or a house to live in. Because home ownership is so common in other countries, many want to buy their own home or otherwise control the property. We are not lawyers in each of the countries but we deal with lawyers and real estate professionals in all four countries and have helped others in the past. In all cases, we recommend that you work with a real estate professional; that you do your due diligence and closely research the opportunity and that you secure a well trained legal professional to assist you. Here is some guidance on laws and procedures throughout the area:


Thailand follows the European or American system of land ownership and fee simple property ownership (the maximum level internationally) is available to Thai citizens. According to Thai law, foreigners, in general are prohibited from owning freehold land in Thailand. There are however exceptions to this. Here are some of the ways in which foreigners in Thailand control property:

Leasehold. Although Thailand restricts foreign ownership of land, foreigners may hold total leasehold interest in Thai land and house leases. Thailand lease law allows a 30-year maximum lease period, with the possibility of renewing the lease for additional 30-year periods.

Condominiums – Thailand allows foreigners to own condominiums up to a total of 49% of the total in the building or development.

Company ownership – Thailand registered companies with majority Thai ownership are able to buy land in Thailand. In the past it has been common for foreign national to acquire an interest in Thai land as minority shareholders in a Thai majority company.

Company ownership – Board of Investment – BOI sponsored companies – Foreign companies with BOI privileges can own or lease land and build a factory in Thailand.

Investment – Thai property law has provisions that allow foreigners to buy and own a limited amount of land based on an investment of 40 million baht for five consecutive years, provided that the land is used for residential purposes.

Thai spouse: A Thai spouse of a foreigner may be allowed to buy land or property in Thailand in his or her own name. Depending on the local authorities, the married couple may be asked to sign a declaration at the Land Department to state that the funds used are the separate property of the Thai spouse. This can act to waive any claim on the land or property by the non-Thai spouse. This could be problematic in a divorce case or in settlement of ownership at the death of the Thai spouse if the non-Thai spouse was to live longer. A well drafter prenuptial agreement may assist in this but legally both spouses should understand the risks.
Foriegners are able to buy apartments etc without too much trouble. In general foriegners are NOT able to purchase land, however this is often side steppped by having a company which you own (but have Thai share holders) purchase land.

If you are a retiree and apply sucessfully for a retirement visa then you are permitted to purchase land / houses without the normal problems that arise.

Lastly, there are other options available.. for example if you have a Thai wife. Certain visa's given your circumstances do allow for more flexibility.

Either way ensure that you have a good lawyer when pursuing this process.
You can buy condominium but not land. As the Thai's law state clearly that foreigner can buy property here but only 49% out of the whole units that they sell (49 units of 100 units). I used to work in property biz so i would like to inform you that you better be careful on "what" you are buying or what are you "goin to" buy. Cus there's so many info that you NEED to know. Some developers claimed that they would pay you like redemtion if there's any delay for the project. Still, it does sound good but it's only worth like a few hundred baht a month til a few thousand (believe me i never knew anyone that they got more than 2,000 Baht a month)Or if i'm not wrong you can have a look at mostly, they answer in Thai but sometimes they also answer in English since ther're many foreigner brokers work via this website. OR check out on telling you to buy sth from them but they always have beneficial info about property for foreigner. Hope this might b useful for you!
You cannot own the land or a house, but you can buy a condo. I think Thai companies owning 51% and you owning 49% was stopped a while ago, but by all means check.
You can buy an apartment or a condominium as long as the foreign ownership in the block does not exceed 40% but for a house it is more complex and you will probably need to set up a company with 51% Thai ownership.
Dont forget: all papers of ownership are in Thai language :P
The problem is the Thai laws (pra rachabanyat) - in fact it was possible to own 75 percent of a company up to 2 years ago, but then they changed it, without changing some other paragraphs, leaving the whole matter unclear. But what is certain is that if you are careful and do it right, it is possible to safely own your house here. the best way of all is to enter the country with ten million baht tax declared and you can obtain instant residence and Thai Nationality (well not that instant and not for free either) - ten million baht on entry legal and tax declared is the best and easiest way to get the same rights as a Thai (because you get Thai nationality) and then you cna buy 100 percent of your house and land
Yes. Owning the apartment is easy. Normally you lease the land for 30 years with renewels upto 90 years possible, but you do own the infrastructure on the land. There are ways to circumvent this. I personnaly own an apartment at Ocean Breeze in Phuket, Thailand, wherein the land is owned by a Thai company, which is controlled by an offshore company in which all the owners have share, thereby controlling a perpetual lease. Another option is to buy a freehold title in a condoproject, wherein non-Thai can own upto 49% of the land. Normally you will pay a 10% premium for a freehold title, but that will pay of as especially in these times freehold titles are more sougnt after, as you can obtain mortgage on it at HSBS (at least, the last time I checked, which is about two months ago).
for an apartment yes but for a house and lot no.
I looked into all of this before, and have been living here for 2 years. To be honest, in my opinion, there is not much benefit to owning a house or an apartment in Thailand. You will never really own it, and Thailand is not the coutry to invest in property. Friends of mne woned a house on Koh Phangan, and oe day a bulldozer came along and sliced righ through their garden to create a road. They had no prior warning and there was nothing they could do about it except sit and watch. Best bet is to take the easy option and rent. Its cheap and hassle free, and you can leave whenever you like.Good luck!
apartment possible but house not
You can buy a condo/apartment in Thailand on your name but not a house. Thai law forbids that. However if you own a business you can buy a house on the company's name. I would suggest if you buy, to consult with a reputable lawyer to draw up the papers and contract..and be sure it is in English too.
If you marry a Thai you can also buy a house but on her/his name. There is now a clause where you can sign a 30 year lease so if the marriage does go shipwreck, she/he can not sell the house from under you.
Hi there,

Foreigners can buy an apartment or condo in Thailand but not a house unless you have a Thai wife but is also have to be 51 % 49 % which mean ur Thai wife will get 51 % and you will get 49%
You can find answers on this site
or on
Foreigner can buy a Condominium, if you are interested in buying please contact us with your budget, we can assist you with the process
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Are you looking for investment or for living ? In Bangkok now, it is a good market for investment. Foreigners can buy condo easily. House is a lot more complicated but possible. You definitely need legal help.

To get a loan, for foriegner, it is rather challenging, unless you have some business here with a bank account already.
Foreigners are allowed to buy condos but cannot buy land.

Foreigners are allowed to take out 3x30 year leases on land which will allow them to build a house in their own name. In the event of their death the house can be passed on to relatives but the land must remain in the ownership of a Thai person. In case of divorce in mixed marriages, the property and land is sold and split 50/50... or maybe 51/49!

Certain moobaans (gated communities) also offer 90 year leases so that you 'own' the house but the land stays the property of the Thai landlord.
U can buy an apartment or house in Thailand jointly with Thai people or company. Ownership 51:49.
Check the website below.

Yes a foreigner is able to buy a house or apartment but there are some Thai laws to abide/get around. You can own an apartment but the total of the apartment building can maximum 49% be owned by foreigners.
For a house it's similar but a foreigner can not hold the land-deeds. For this brokers/investment co's have lease-contracts.....


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