Also, how much is the cost of living in Thailand for me to have an idea of the future expenditures that I will be incuring in the...

...whole duration of my stay there


Country: Thailand


The cost of living is very different from location to location and it also depends mainly on whether you eat Thai food or western food while you are here.
Most of the main towns frequented by westerners are more expensive than Northern Thailand. If you eat Thai food you can make your money go a very long way.
Now I know what to eat... Thank you sir
cost of living depends on you. Last I checked - foreign teachers get about the median wage. So with a clean lifestyle you should have no problem -(unless of course you decide to support a car or a girlfriend ;-) Generally - more urban is more expensive, with Bangkok costing about the same as any other global economy. You might want to check out some websites to find out who is hiring and what life is like for teachers. Search teaching & Thailand
I do appreciate the new facts you've added specially about the location. Gracias
If you dwell and eat as a Thai you probably can survive (no beers and smokes and girls) with 6000 THB per month, the double of that amount gives you an enjoying life, 20000 and up is above average Thai income. As said by others already, it all depends on you. Ask yourself first how flexible you are able and want to be.
very true and practical answer... and I've learned something new from you sir. Thanks
Hello Lee
My guess about 6000.00 Baht should see you through the month. Depends lagly on where you want to stay, Phuket is very expensive now, and the rent. The mainland is a good place with many good regions. Have a look at for some good locations and have a look at for the teachers forums.
Budget also dependant on salary.
Anyway have a wonderful and safe time here.
I will check those sites... Thank you so much for sharing it. God bless
Hi Lee. You find already 4 substantial answers by fellow Localytes. How long will you
stay? What is your lifestyle? Where do you stay? What about going places/people?
How well do you know the Kingdom?
etc. Starting with Baht 6'000/mthly on a backpacker basis to 60'000 average for
foreigners to Baht 200'000 + for a better living. Please evaluate your own standard.
Have fun!
Summin up everything gave me a clearer perspective... Salamat po (thank you)
stay away from khao san road the food and beverages are pretty expensive... but its a party place tho.. Bangkok is expensive in general but if you stay somewhere else like chang mai its cheap there (i.E bangkok food cost like 85 baht for the cheapest.. beer is normally 80 baht for the small one and goes up to 120 ... changmai 40 baht for beer and food sometimes cost 25 baht)
Maraming salamat kabayan... Now I know where to eat... Gracias mi gwapita amiga
I think U had lots of answers and should have an idea already.All depends on ur lifestyle,and also ur budget and for how long...
Bangkok,Pataya,& Phuket are very expensive places 4 travelers,but on mainland or small Island,life can be easier&cheaper.
Also,when do u plan to come,prices changes depends on the season...the cheapest will be April to October.
Hope U'll enjoy

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