I am planning to work in Thailand next year as a teacher or as a nurse. Where in Thailand should I go to? Any advice for a place to...

...stay and its estimated cost? Your response would surely be appreciated and be a great help to a future local of the magnificent country, Thailand


Country: Thailand


Dear Lee

You should come to Bangkok, first and start look for job from here. you could stay in Rama4 and Ratchada area. The price is around 400-500 baht a day and 6500-8000 baht a month. This 2 area is quite convenience for transportation with underground and skytrain connect city. About foods here is quite cheap, start from 30 baht a meal.
If I could turn back time I would be living in Northern Thailand. You will have a much better time in Chaing Mai or Chiang Rai. If you go to the tourist areas then you spend more money. The people in the North are really friendly and will make you happy.
Most towns have empty apartments, so when you arrive, find a local who can guide you to a room with monthly rates. You'll probably want to pay extra for AirConditioning. Some places like around universities require 3 month minimum lease. Get in touch with some Thai people through chat network sites now - so you can ask about their places and they will be happy to practice english.
first of all try to get a job. You can come as a tourist and try to find one than you will need to go out of the country to apply for a visa (for teacher it's a bite different and more requirement. Otherwise cost of living it's more expensive in tourist place. In Bangkok you can find anything, cheap studio for maybe around 5,000 a room and a shower. After depend you like to be in a city like Bangkok or somewhere more relaxing
Suggest you come Bangkok first as here the opportunities are best. Working as a language teacher is relatively easy provided you have a bachelor's degree (in anything). If you haven't a contract yet, upon your arrival here search in The Bangkok Post, classified section. There a daily jobs for teaching offered. On top of that you may approach AUA, BERLITZ and INLINGUA by your own initiative. If they take you, they may even give you a free training. Getting a work permit is not an easy matter. If you good at your job, the company you work for will help you.
To go into nursing will certainly more difficult. I could find out for you, if you want.
, Martin is running a school and is looking for teachers, he will give you good advice
Hi Lee
For good accomodation advise have a look at
For teaching forums check out .
As for nursing, you have to have a nursing qualification, then you have to do all your exams here, in Thai language, then if you pass you get a work permit and away you go. Any medical personeel have to do this. I was involved with search and resucue for 18 years, but here I cannot use my med skills I qualified for back home. Again it was the Thai exam thing that floored me. I am now only an Emergency First Responder, as this falls under my long lst of PADI Scuba Diving qualifications.
Hoep this helps, but you maybe teaching english here.
Have loads of fun here anyway.
Hello, ive been a Teacher in Thailand for 2yrs now & im no doubt the higest payed Teacher out here, two years on & im going back to the uk as the teaching is finished. goto it has all the infomation & all Teaching jobs in Thailand, people will tell you its cheap out here & that its easy to get a job well times have changed as all schools are now taking on phillipino's as thay only pay them 15,000TB a month us natives get 30-40,000TB & its not alot of money, for more info contact me by E-mail
best of luck to you, have a look at the teachers storys on & you'll see...
I am so thankful to your kindness sir for sharing your wisdom and experience there as a teacher... Hope I could be fortunate like you. God bless
Heja Lee. Read Paul Cozens comments and suggestions and you'll be on the most
realistic side of work/income in the Kingdom. 1st question: How about a working visa?
On which level are you a "teacher/nurse'? About living costs you'll have ideas on the
2nd request by you. Have fun.
Well i know Bangkok best. I have a friend that used to be a teacher there. Are you thinking of being a teacher in middle school, pre-school, high school or university?
The rent in thailand is not much, a nice apartment is maybe 10.000 bath a moth or less. Depends on what kind of apartment or room you are thinking of. It's really cheap to live in thailand so you do not need a kitchen unless you LOVE TO COOK ;). A nice clean room on a good location is 5000 bath in Bangkok. There are a lot of hospitals and schools in the City of Angels which you can look up. There is not a problem finding an apartment in thailand. You just have to go to condos and ask for free rooms and price.

I recommend you go to Thailand and search and ask for a job before you just jump over.
First U can send me ur CV incase I'll have a vacancy next term,or U should look in where u can find lots of offers.
Good luck!!

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