I'd like to go to a romantic place that's not super touristy dec 27-jan 2nd. Preferably somewhere with lots to do. I've heard playa...

...del carmen is beautiful. any ideas on great places to stay? things to do? where would I fly into? thank you!


Country: Mexico


Playa de Carnen is beautiful, but a bit touristy. I felt that Isla Mujeres is more off the beaten path.You fly into Cancun then take a 15 minute boat ride to Isla Mujeres. It is a small town with a small town feel. There are no major hotels there, but small little hotels or bungalows. Many nice restarunts and bars.
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I would recomend Tuxpan, Veracruz. it has a lot to offer as far as beaches,
archeological sites, and natural ecosystems if you are interested in eco-tourism.
You will have to fly from your destination to Poza Rica, Veracruz. and take a bus- that will cost usd 5.00- to Tuxpan. You can find rooms for about usd 20.00 per night,at Rio Paraiso Hotel - which is an excelent place to stay- it has all the services you might need during your staying in Tuxpan.
Good Luck and enjoy your vacations.
looks like you would like to get a beautiful time with your lovely one at the mexican caribbean :)
ok, Playa del Carmen is not an option, very touristic, is beautiful place even for a romantic scapade, all kind of activities and facilities, archeological sites, theme parks, water activities, night life, spa's and all the needs are cover in this area...
out side Playa del Carmen u can find very secluded places for a romantic holliday, the range of options is big, from family resorts and hotels to only couples and single resorts with nude beach areas...
if you need more information about this let me know, and I would be more than happy to help :)
merry x-mas :)
You don't want to go to most of the places you've heard of, since they are all toursity, especially at Christmas. I would defer the vacation to a time that is not as touristy, if quaint and real is what you want. Having said that, you can manage to find, over the holidays. My expertise is southwest coast, so I would avoid Huatulco, and opt for a smaller place at or near Puerto Escondido. Perhaps Puerto Ángel, or perhaps Bahia de la Luna at Boquilla. That way you can taxi to PE for the action, but be a bit isolated. Check out Flor de María in PE as an option. You can also take a 35 minute flight on Aerotucan to Oaxaca, where there is ample to do including ruins, craft villages, market towns, Dominican churches, museums, nature, etc. You can see the sights using a guide, or on your own using bus or taxi service. In the city all is well laid out and easy to do on your own.
Instead of Playa del Carmen, come to Puerto Morelos. It is located only 20 miles South of Cancun, and 20 miles North of Playa del Carmen . It is a tranquile small fishing village with great restaurants, snorkeling, diving, adventure parks, and one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean. You can fly into Cancun, and take a taxi or bus to Puerto Morelos. For more information, and vacation rentals available go to: Hope it helps. I will guarantee a romantic and wonderful vacation.
Well you will probbably want to try some things on the inside or less turistic areas. Inside I would recomend Oaxaca with lots of cultrual activities you can rent a car o go by bus directo or via Puebla another beautifull place with lots of romantic places, and hotels boutique type, I can also recomend Hotel azucar on the gulf coast or why not a mexico City escapede best time of the year since evreyone is out for holidays , allowing for a lesser crowded city with all its venues open for you let me know I will be more than happy to arrange and help you out to have a great time with your significant other. Ballon rides, skuba diving , picninc etc
Playa is great. All of the large resorts are all-inclusive. If you stay right in town there are several boutique hotels within walking distance to EVERYTHING. I've stayed at the Mosquito Blue, there is also Mosquito Beach Hotel, right on the beach. You fly into Cancun. It is about a 45 minute drive from the airport. Car rental is very affordable. There are eco-parks, cenotes, ruins, so much to do or do nothing at all! Hoped this helped! Have fun!
Congratulations, you have thinking about one of the most beautiful and exciting places in Mexico. In playa del Carmen you will found also prehispanic buildings of the mayan culture, tipic food and you will have been so glad for the hospitality and generous regional people; the prices to it reaches of everyone, though also I would like to show you about Mazatlan, Los cabos, Zihuatanejo or Huatulco. have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, if you are a beautiful lady... you can stay in my home :)

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