any free WIFI spot in Singapore? THX


Country: Singapore


All over you can find wireless spots:
for example at all Coffee Beans, Starbucks, MC Donalds and also the shopping centers sometimes provide free wifi access. The Suntec City provide also free wifi, actually central singapore you can find over the whole island a wifi net called signetsg
it is provided free you must register with your online and than get via your mobile a pin to login, Best internet is at coffee bean and internet! Have fun surfing
Wifi is everywhere almost! Enjoy
Like Magesh mentioned, WIFI is almost anywhere. In all MacDonalds, Starbucks and major shopping centers. All you need is to register and off you go
Coffee Bean
Libraries (like the National Library in town)
Most up-scale cafes especially those in shopping centres
Wireless @ SG is free islandwide wifi which you'll have to register for. If you prefer to have a more "dedicated" connection, you could apply for a 3 day or 5 day USB mobile connection with M1. It works like a prepaid phone card, you top it up whenever your hours are used up. :)
As many have mentioned, free wifi spots abound in Singapore. is available all over the island if you register at . However, this requires a Singapore phone number. If you don't have one, you can approach the Customer Service Counters at Singapore Changi Airport with your passport and they can help you out.
As everyone has catagorically confirmed, WiFi is very easily accessible in Singapore. You won't have a problem connecting to one in 99% of places here.
There is wifi available at almost every mcdonalds and starbucks if not all and most shopping centres have it as well. There are various providers for the service like singtel, icell, qmax and etc. I think easiest will be to create an account with Qmax. And you can use the wifi as long as there is available.
Yes, there are severalplaces with free Wifi.

1) Starbucks is best with Wifi connections and even electricity output for your laptops.
2) Coffee Bean
3) Pacific Coffee
4) Shopping centres along Orchard Road
5)Hotels some provide free service, others may reqauire a small fee daily.

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