URGENT - Does anybody know if it is cheaper to buy a digital camera like Canon 500D in Thailand or Singapore? Or is it better to buy... at the duty free? Thanks guys


Country: Thailand


My immediate responce would be, cheaper is not always better, for the following reasons:-
1. Do you live in a country that will give grey imports the backup service you want if anything goes wrong with the camera, and
2. How much do you really save if you buy it in your home country after paying import tax, or having the camera confiscated if you don't declare it and you get caught with it a your airport customs?
No that said and done Singapore is definately cheaper than Thailand, but beware in Thailand there are good copies, so only buy from registered dealers ok. The maxim let the buyer beware should guide you.
Thx, actually I didn't know that camera should be declare when entering Thailand. Also I would check if the warranty could be used in Thailand when purchase in Singapore. But I just wanted to know if any body could help me and tell me if the price difference is worth it or not. If it's to save just 2,000 than I'd purchase in TH but if the difference is over 5,000THB..... than it's interresting.....Also I know a lot of place in Bangkok but in Singapore I'm lost.
Thx again Graham
Hi there Benjamin
Most of the times Thai customs never check, as you know it depends who is on duty and whether they are having a good day or not.
My friends tell me Singapore is allot cheaper, but you just take the risk of the guarantee not being honoured in Thailand.
I am sure with some nice smiles and a wink here and there, the Thai Cannon shop will be able to help you if the need arises.
So Singapore is much cheaper than here.
Go get that camera and start collecting wonderful images. I do have a contact who can help you in Singapore, just let me know if you need help there?
Be well.
good morning Graham, ok thanks I'll check out shops today. Does your friend has any recommendation for shop?
Thx again
Hello Benjamin
I have sent her your request and eagerly await her reply for you.
Hang in there.

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