Is there anyone, who would like to exchange apartments for holyday time (2 weeks)? I live in Ukraine, Odessa.


Country: Thailand


To find an exchange will be hard for you but cheap living in Bangkok is very easy, you can find a wonderful hotel for less than 500TB,FOR MORE INFO
Thank you very much Paul! Is this your e-mail?
Hello Liliya
I will put your request out to all my contacts. Hope to find someone for you?
Happy holiday time, come to Thailand anyway ok ?
Thank you Graham! I really appreciate you for efforts! :) I will definetely travel to Thailand!
Heja Lilija. Great suggestion you thought off. Just find the person(s) who would enjoy Odessa on the Black Sea. Right now it's not the season!Anyhow I like your thoughts!
Thank you! Well, yes, for the Spring-Summer it would be quite the right time to visit Odessa! You can also see the video on my website: I made it myself! :)
i dont understand what you really want exactly.

do you have a apartment and want to exchange with someone
who have one here in thailand.

your question is not clear to understand for me, so please tell us what
you want.
Did you see the movie "The holiday". In the movie, the main actors just exchanged their houses for vavation time. I think, why not? :)
I am sure there is no one whom would leave the comfort of Thailand to be waste deep in snow and cold...just come to Thailand you will find cheap affordable places to stay, guest house $5usd a day. I am in a apartment building furnished 30sq m for 250 usd a month here in Pattaya, can show you my daily routine just check my site..Ron Tekano, a russian name more?
Wow, 5$ is not much! :) Yes, we can talk more. Do you have skype?

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