looking for dinner for 2 adults, 1 toddler and 1 infant in SF. still want good food - its san francisco, not just family friendly


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States



I need to ask if you have any particular food preferences as San Francisco has over 3000 restaurants. It would be easier to narrow it down for you. Also, will you have a car or be using public transportation?

agree with Susan---do you prefer a certain kind of cuisine. also, do you have any neighborhood preferences?
Without more information about a cuisine you like it's a shot in the dark, but here are a few options:

Chinese: R&G Lounge has great chinese food and takes reservations which helps keep two figiting kids from using up all the good behavior waiting for a table. The food is excellent, and the noise level masks kid noise well.

Chenery Park, located in Glen Park has a kids night on Tuesdays with the goal of helping parents teach kids how to eat in a nice restaurant. The food is great, there is a nice bar and the menu accomodates kids tastes well.

What are you type of food do you & your kids like?
There are TONS of family friendly places in SF. Like they mention below, it's all a matter of what you're in to and where you're staying. Here's a pretty sweet list of family friendly restaurants I found. You can even search price range and different neighborhoods that you might want to try as well as cuisines, in case the little ones are particular.

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