I'm a localyte myself but would like to ask a question that even our ICA has failed to explain properly through email (big FAIL, lol)....

...My friend has a 3 month social visa here in Singapore, but we intend to travel together to Malaysia for a few days then come back to Singapore. So his passport will be stamped for leaving Singapore, entering and exiting Malaysia then entering Singapore again. Does this mean his prior 3 months is no longer counted and his stay duration for Singapore after returning will be "restarted" from his exit from Malaysia?


Country: Singapore


Hi Elizabeth,

From my understanding if someone is granted a 3 month social visa, if they leave for another country and re-enter Singapore the 3 month visa will restart.

I do not work for the MOM (Ministry of Manpower), so it maybe worth 'double checking' with them.

Sorry it isn't a definitive answer.

There are 3 ways of leaving singapore via flight, car or boat if you fly out and return after min 3 days you should get another 3 month stay, but if you go via car tehy will give you only 14 days to one month depend on your nationality same counts for via boat. Make sure you have a valid return ticket ex singapore with a date later than 1 month that should be ok. regards
Hi, upon reentry, if granted a new visa, then it is valid for the duration (3 months means 3 more months). However, coming in by car from Malaysia means it'll only be extended by 2 weeks to 1 month. Please note one month = 30 days even if the month has 31 :)
I've found that lately immigration is a little more generous; whenever you enter Singapore ,they tend to give you 90 days. If you go in and out very frequently, then you may find that they give you just a month, or even just a few weeks.

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