What is the best hotel for a honeymoon in Florence, Italy


City: Florence

Region: Tuscany

Country: Italy


it's a very difficult question......

i think the romantic honeymoon it is not link with the choice of the best hotel......

however if you decide to come in umbria, escecially in the center, i can help you......
I suggest

Greetings for your upcoming trip to Italy and congratulations for your wedding.
In Florence there are several options but my best bets for a the most memorable honeymoon holiday are the Lungarno Suite, owned by the Ferragamo family, overlooking Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River, or the Four Seasons.

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The best place where you can enjoy an astonishing view of the city and feel the magic of a seven hundred years old mansion, at five minutes drive far from the historical center of Florence is Hotel Torre Bellosguardo
for a very particular atmosphere I would recommend Palazzo Vecchietti: . For the beautiful , romantic views of some rooms I would recommend the Lungarno Hotel by Ferragamo alongside the river.
both are centrally located and you may easly walk in 5 to 10 minutes wherever you want.
Should you need an agency in florence I may suggest this organization : .
Should you come to Rome, please look at my web site for a guided tour:

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