Hi Lance

I'm going to be in Tokyo for a business trip in the coming week and will stay for the weekend before I head back to Shanghai on Sunday evening. I will have one and half days to explore Tokyo, nothing in specific, any recommendation?


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Dear Guest,

Welcome to Tokyo.

There are several candidates of visiting place.

I recommend you planning of ...
In the day time, to visit Kasai Aquarium where has Black Tuna round swimming at there.

If you need electric products, try to visit Akihabara electricity town.

Unfortunately baseball season was over, so you can’t watch baseball game.
However you can enjoy Tokyo Dome Baseball amusement park. There is roller coaster which is fastest in the world.

Also you can watch Judo training at Kodokan international Judo foundation.

At lunch time, I recommend you to go Japanese typical restaurant of Okonomiyaki.
It serves from restaurant, and then you try to cook in front of hot plate by gas grill.

This is Japanese site only, but you can feel what is Okonomiyaki by photo!!!

How about skyscraper vista point at Tokyo tower on midnight?

Has your schedule already concreted? If we can fit our schedule, I can escort your excursion by my car.

If you need helpful assistance, please let me know.

Hi, Lynn.

During the day on Saturday and evening Sunday morning, you could take a Hato Bus tour -
You could do the same stuff by yourself, but it will take much longer if you don't know the city.

This full-day tour would give you a great intorduction to Tokyo -

The good thing about Hato Bus is they have foreign language tours and pick up at most popular hotels.

Just after dark, take a walk along Omotesando or Roppongi Hills to see the Christmas Illuminations, after which you can go shopping and have numerous great restaurants to choose from.

On Saturday night, you could go and see a concert -

If you have a chance, go to the bar in Shinjuku's Park Hyatt and you can recreate Lost In Translation :-) I would recommend a reservation for the 52nd Floor, but you may be able to just walk in to the Peak Lounge on the 41st Floor. Remember they don't stay open late -

Have fun :-)
I would seek Sunshine tours who can arrange one of their 1/2 or full day tours to hit highlights of tokyo both day and night
This time of year Japan has shifted to Christmas mode. Although it is not entirely the same as western countries, there are a fair share of enticing options. Harajuku/Omotesando both have some lovely decorations and illuminations.
Although the bus tours can be entertaining, I find that after you take the tour you may want to go back to a few of the places you saw from the bus. So, since your time is limited, I would not recommend taking a bus tour. If you are from Shanghai city, you will not have much difficulty traveling around Tokyo. Both cities are very comparable in size and public transportation options, with Tokyo trains being a bit easier to use. Here is the link for Japan Railways:
and here is the one Tokyo Metro:
The areas that I recommend visiting are Shinjuku, Ueno, Shibuya (right neat Harajuk/Omotesando), and Yurakucho & Ginza areas.
All of these places are easily accessible by train.
In my experience with such little time, you should pick 2 or 3 places and go explore them.
If you need more help, feel free to ask.

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