I've never been to a canberra mueseum before,can you tell me about one?


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The Australian War Memorial Museum sits near the base of Mt Ainslie in Canberra. The Museum is at the end of Anzac Parade, a wide ceremonial avenue leading to Lake Burley Griffin. From the front of the museum there is an uninterrupted view along Anzac Parade and across the lake to Parliament House.

The building performs a number of functions - it is a shrine of remembrance, a museum, a centre for research and a keeping-place of records and artefacts. In the central court is the Pool of Reflection and, at its head, the Flame of Remembrance. In the alcoves on either side of the central area, 102,000 names of the fallen are recorded on bronze panels. The focus of the memorial, beyond the Pool, is the Hall of Memory with its distinctive copper-sheathed dome. Within the Hall of Memory is an official war grave and national shrine containing the remains of an unidentified soldier who died on the battlefields of the Western Front in World War I. The Unknown Australian Soldier was brought home and entombed in the Memorial on 11 November 1993.

The wings and rear section of the main building make up the actual museum and house some twenty galleries of exhibits depicting the Australian experience of war with an emphasis on individual and personal experiences of those involved.

Collections of relics, machinery, weapons, personal and public records, dioramas, photographs and artworks are used to demonstrate the achievements and sacrifice of Australians serving at home and overseas from the first War in the Sudan (1882 to 1884) to the present.

The galleries are structured into five different periods: Colonial conflicts 1788 - 1901; World War I; World War II; Korean and South-East Asian wars 1950 - 1972; and United Nations and other peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations.

At the rear of the building, Anzac Hall houses larger exhibits such as the Japanese submarine which attacked Sydney Harbour during World War II and some very interesting interactive displays.

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However there is also the National Museum:

Questacom Science Museum:

There is also Old Parliament House:

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