what is the best month to go to Egypt? I guess summer is very hot...


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by the way it depends on what u r going to do,,, u wanna go to south egypt to see the historical places and no activity ,, so it is better in winter than summer,, but if u wanna come to have diving and swimming and enjoy the red sea so u can go on in any time of the year,, as it is the sea,, so it depends on what u wanna do ,, u can send me e-mail on and i will send u again
hey u can come to egypt every time in the year , the weather is really great , u will enjoy it for sure and its according to if u want to enjoy the beach in summer or you want some sort of cold weather
its true that Egypt has fine weather all year round compared to most of the other countries, choosing the month depends on what cities in Egypt you would prefer to visit. If you are interested in Ancient Egyptian history and like to take nile Cruz, then during the winter preferable at December, January and you can visit Cairo, Giza, Aswan, Luxsor are warm during this time of year. so try to be more specific of what you want to do to suggest the time.
Things can be done in Egypt
1. Sand boarding
2. Horse/ camel ridding
3. safari
4. Fishing
5. Ancient Egyptian culture ( includes the Egyptian museum, Prymids and tons of other places)
6. Shopping
7.nile curz
8. diving and under water sea life sights (includes sights and fishes that are exclusively in the red sea)
9. parasailing
10. mounting climbing
many others stuff, i can brain storm more stuff.
i think the best month to come to Egypt is march and April, yes the summer is very hot, January and December are rainy and cold. i think so
i think march and April are the best months to come to Egypt
The best months to visit Egypt are November, December, January & February.
November & Feburuary for Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and the resots in Red Sea and Sharm El Sheikh.
December and January for Cairo, Luxor & Aswan
Egypt Suny all the year but the temperature in Summer time is really high usuall around 35 degree, March and April are not good choosing months as usuall we have dusty windy period, hope this answer will help you choose your best time to visit Egypt.
i think the best weather in egypt is between mars and april
or september and november
Hi, i guess all months are the best in Egypt because the weather here is so moderate not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter
but it depends on what activity you plan to do, if they're Water activities then you should come in summer, other activity you can enjoy in winter
but my opinion is December, Christmas here is unforgettable...
hope you enjoy and plan seriously to come...salute
Any time except July and August.
Hi - you know - I think it depends a little where you're from :-) Right now we're finding it a little cold here in Cairo (about 18 degrees C) but I have just had friends visit from the very south of Australia and they thought it was magnificent!!!

And I also think it depends where you are going in Egypt - the south (Upper Egypt, Aswan, Luxor etc.) is hotter all the year, ferociously hot in summer - over 40 degrees C for weeks on end - and basically no rain any time of year. The north coast (Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh) is colder and much wetter in winter, the desert can be freezing at night, while the Red Sea Coast (Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Sharm el Sheikh) is beautiful most times of the year and can make a fabulous winter holiday, although the sea is warmer at Hurghada than at Sharm.

Temperatures vary widely in the inland desert areas, especially in summer, when they may range from 7° C at night to 43° C during the day. During winter, temperatures in the desert fluctuate less dramatically, but they can be as low as 0° C at night and as high as 18° C during the day.

March and April (spring) is very nice but you can get the khamseen - a strong, often hot wind that blows sand everywhere - I swear it goes through the walls sometimes :-). It usually only lasts a day or two at a time though although it can be most unpleasant while its happening. I think autumn and early winter is the very best here in Cairo, September to December and there's not much rain any time of the year - what little that falls comes in the winter.

I've put weather detail in a list on my profile

and you can find good current weather here

and for excellent average all-year climate information and temperatures have a look here

Whenever you come you will find good weather most of the time:-) If I can be of any more help please don't hesitate to ask - we look forward to welcoming you to Egypt :-)

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
Its better in the winter,and the best in march - april
The hottest months of the year are July and August.
from Sep. to May
I advise you to travel to Egypt in the month of February to May and October to December you can communicate with me through my email address
november and february are the best month to visit egypt

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