if you were hiking in the southern andes mountains in june what would the weather be like ?


Country: Peru


Hi there, you will find a good weather in june. The winter and raining days beggin from december till april.. but here in peru never knows.
Dry and sunny during the day. Cold at night (below 0 Celsius). Good luck.
June is winter time and the sierras have a dry and very cold weather then; be sure to bring warm clothes for then (or you can buy some preetty and warm alpaca clothing locally for very low cost. Enjoy!
Hiking the June no rain season but can rain any time. Strong sun and cold in the night about 12 celcius at night.

No rain season but be prepared for the strong sun and for eventual rain.
cold at night, warm and sunny at day, depending how high you'll be should be colder below 0C, when back in Lima you'll have cold weather during day and night
Really Hot during the day!!! So bring a lot of sunblock and at night cold maybe -15 depending on where u're gonna hike
Between may and september (winter here) is the best time to do hiking, trekking, climbing and any other outdoor sport in the southern andes. Usually is dry but you should be prepared and bring warm and water resistant clothing with you, like a -25oC sleeping bag, down jacket, etc; days are hot but nights can be very cold; if it rains it won't rain the whole day tough. I hope this information helps somehow,...or if you have any other question, just let me know; cheers, Julia
June is a good time for hiking because it's not raining but sunny during the day, at night it's cold but dry.
Its a good time for hiking, sunny during the day, at night it's cold but dry. Use a a sunblock during the day. The winter and raining days beggin from december to april.

Godd Luck

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