Hi I am a 24 year old female and intend to visit tokyo in the last week of dec with a friend...This is our first time visiting tokyo...

...and we have no idea what to do and where to go. ( my only knowledge of japan is from my Japanese history classes..hehehe). I intend to stay for 5 to 7 days. I love soccer and all sorts of sports and maybe abit of shopping here and there.I would also love to visit historical places or anything scenic.I have not booked any accomodations as I have yet to plan my itinery. Any recommendations?


Country: Japan


I´m not sure you will be coming to Osaka, but just in case you should be interested I send you my link about offering accommodation here:

Thanks for reading
hey. id love to help u out/recommend something but i just have to go to bed really soon and cant think much rite now, if u like, drop me an email at some time! il try to think of places.... i just felt like responding to u coz im also a 24yo female and a huge fan of soccer, AND, i c that ur from singapore, and i am moving there next month!!!
First of all. Welcome to Japan.

The first thing you need to get if this this the first time you are here, will be the JR rail pass. You can get it at the following place at Singapore

16 Raffles Quay #03-01, Hong Leong Bldg., SINGAPORE 048581
TEL 62210522

It might be more expensive than your air ticket, but it's worth if you wish to go further from Tokyo.

The next thing would be accommodatio, nop, but where you wish to go.
Have you ever been to cold country with snow. You might have good chances to experience it when you are here at Japan. If you are into it, and with your rail pass, check out Zao.

The only problem is depends on the time you are here and your luck. It's a bit warm this year and snow is not promising.

Check this page to see if it is possible to ski.

Of course, you might wish to visit the world heritage near by Tokyo, Nikko.

With the rail pass, you should extend your feet to the historical city of Japan, Kyoto.

If you wish to see the famous symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji, you should check out Hakone

So, my suggestion, spend 2 days in Kyoto and Nara area. 1 night at either Zao or Nikko, 1 night at Hakone (can be a day trip, too ) and the rest at Tokyo and Yokohama.

Find out your destinations/places you wish to visit and contact me directly. I can help you for accommodation arrangement and others.
Dear Guest,

Welcome to Japan.

There are so much year end party and event during end of Dec. in Japan.
I can arrange your tour accommodation, attractive event, hot spring tour and sports event.

Please let me know your detail visiting date and budget.
Then I can feed back to you several planning.

Please let me know your wants.

Places to visit in Tokyo - Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace, Ueno Zoo. If you are pushed for time, I recommend a bus tour, especially the Hato Bus. It's the first choice for most Japanese tourists from other parts of Japan, and you can choose between Japanese or English language tours.
There are many things you can do anywhere in Japan. As for food: at night, go to Izakayas, traditional Japanese pub-style restaurants. They offer all types of food - yakitori, kushiage, salads, tofu dishes, fried chicken, everyday stuff, beer's are around 500yen, and you should be able to eat plenty for under $40US. Try Ramen restaurants, or the Yoshinoya Chain (beef on rice), try Kaiten-sushi (sushi on a conveyer belt). Try Unagi, eel. And for modern culture - go to some "Family Restaurants", that have English menus.
Shopping - I have always liked Ameyayoko in Ueno. You can buy all modern clothes there are some trad. stuff. Visit 100yen shops. Go to Akihabara for electronics.
Japan has been going through heavy deflation the last 15 years. Things might not be as expensive as you expect.
Hello, Ju.

To get your hotels, which I would recommend you do quickly, have a look at or If you can read Japanese, is also good. Rakuten has some extra info about travelling.

Think a lot bout where to base yourself. Cheap might be good, but not if it is an hour into the fun places in Tokyo.

To see what is on in the metropolis, I recommend you read Metropolis -

If you are in town for December 23rd, you could go to their huge, very international Christmas Party! for more info.

Tokyo is awash with shopping - Aoyama/Harajuku/Shinjuku/Shibuya/Kichijoji/Ginza & Yurakucho.

Staying in a ryokan would give you a sense of history and you can also stay in one with a hot spring/onsen - book now as you are coming in high season:

A day trip to Nikko would give you history at Toshogu - - as well as possibly snow.

A great day trip or overnight trip from Tokyo is Hakone, which has mountains, Fuji, lakes, onsen, the lot -

For this visit, you have so many choices in and around Tokyo, I don't think you need the JR Train Pass because that is for 7 days and since it is expensive, I can't see you having time to use it enough to get your money's worth...

Hope this helps. Happy to answer more specific questions.

Hi Ju,
Here are some activities to enjoy Japan. I agree with all the suggestions from Wong, Alastair, and Shane. Please think of your budget.
This is the link for events taking in Tokyo in December.

1. Tokyo highlights are Asakusa, Odaiba, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Disneyland, Harajuku, Meiji Jingu, Akihabara, Tokyo Imperial Palace Garden and Tokyo Dome with the Lalaport.
Asakusa temple then go by boat to Odaiba, the place to take the boat is near the temple, 5 minutes walking. Stroll around Odaiba, A copy of Liberty Statue, Venus, Fort and Fuji TV are my favourites. Go up to Fuji TV Tower, the round tower, you will be able to see Odaiba 360 degree, all around. In the evening there is illumination.
Link for the boat ride
Link for Fuji TV Odaiba
2. Highlights outside Tokyo are Yokohama, Hakone, Kamakura
There are plenty of sightseeing Places in Yokohama. Go to the observation deck then you will see the sea. In the evening take the boat ride, or you may also enjoy the evening meal in the boat. In the evening it is nice because you may see the lights: the ferris wheel lights, building lights, wonderful!

In kamakura, you may see the Great Statue of Buddha, gardens, temples and Enoshima (Eno island).
It is a big area, it will take a day probably more to explore it.
3. Soccer? it is not really popular here, since Japan soccer team do not win much, compare to the baseball. For baseball, you may go to Tokyo Dome.
If you enjoy sports, you may want to go skiing here.
I tried Naeba in Niigata Prefecture. Nice there.

They have small inns with good rooms, service, ski gear rental and cheaper price than Prince Hotel, Naeba.
4. Accomodation. Youth hostels are good.

Enjoy your trip in Japan

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