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Please give us some more info about volcano tour. Im be in japan 12-27MAR. thanks Aja


City: Aoyama-minamicho

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Hi Aja,

You'll need to be more specific about the 'volcano tour'...Which volcano did you mean? I don't know about particular volcano tours, but there are plenty of tour packages taking people to certain parts of Japan that will include a short visit to mountains like Mt. Fuji and Mt. Aso, but you can also just do your own trip, a tour is not necessary, well, it depends on how you prefer to see places. The only volcanoes around Tokyo I can think of that are close enough for you to do a day trip are Mt. Fuji (dormant and no possible to go up to the top at this time) and Mt. Asama (active and recently had a small eruption). If you mean other parts of Japan then there are more volcanoes of course, such as Mt. Aso in Kyushu. It depends on your itinerary as well, if you plan to stay around Tokyo area most of the time it might be a little hectic to go all the way to the other side of Japan just for a volcano...but if your trip is planned around travelling across Japan, then it would be more feasible to include a bit of volcano visit somewhere along the way as part of your trip.
which volcano do you want to climb? I know Mt. Fuji can be climbed only during summer months.
I live in Kagoshima city,Kyushu , in the south and Sakurashima Vulcano is one of the most famous in the world and it is still very active, i can see him smoking every day from my terrace :)).here you can see a video of Kagoshima and Sakurashima:

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