How do I convert my South african Drivers license to a UK license


Country: South Africa


Simply go to any AA shop or office (most main shopping centres has one) and request it. I think it's about R170 and valid for a year (you will need 2 ID photos) takes about 5 minutes to do. They need your ID and Driver's licence
The easiest way, is take your existing licence, some ID photos and the fee (was R150 when I did it awhile ago to any AA office and it is done while you wait.
What you do is obtain an International Drivers license from the AA, offices are at Eastgate, 2 ID photos and A fee of R 150 plus it may have increased. When you get to UK if you are going to be there for a period longer than the International license then you go to there licensing center and book a test. I am not to sure if you are required to do a test or whether they accept your bona fides and just charge for the issue.
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Have you been able to convert your license, or do you still require assistance?

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