Hello! Would you be so kind to tell me if it's possible to visit Mount Sinai if I'm staying in Makadi Bay? And how much time will it take?


Country: Egypt


Hello Dear,It can be done by flight from Hurgada to Sharm than you take a bus to Mount Sinai
i believe there are buses from hurghada to sharm , it is cheaper if you have time, it is a long way, and then from sharm you can to mount sinai, if you are on budget travel
Price: $900.00 USD per service (This price is for each person)
Start Date: November 26, 2009
Start Time: 02:00 PM
Duration: 1
Included: This charge includes guiding,transportation by flight and bus,
Fly to Sharm, then take a bus it is easily available... have fun in Egypt
Sure you can do it there is 3 options flight to sharm then a bus to St Cathrine or a morning ferry from HUG to sharm of bus to sharm then to St Cathrine. To be aware there is no public bus from sharm to St Cathrine but there is a daily sharing trips every day from sharm. Mount saini is about 3 to 4 hours up and 3 hours down there is sunset or a sunrise hiking if you gonna do it from sharm it will be sunrise and then you visit the St Cathrine in the way down. Its a hiking and its a really enjoyable you will love it.
Dear Daria,
The best and cheapest way to travel from Hurghada area and regions to Sinay its book trip St.Catrina and Mussa mountain with El Masria (Safir),Natalie tours. Now they have very good offer. Price around 200$ include flight, transportation, lunch, all tickets to historical places.
But... u will go with Russian group. If you are interesting you can contact any representative guide in Makady hotels or me .
I think your best option is a ferry from Hurghada to Sharm - Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,takes an hour and 30 minutes each way and costs you around 500 Egyptian pounds return. From there take a bus to Santa Caterina - best to book with a tour company - am happy to help put you in touch with a tour company or help you out. You could also fly or take land transport via Cairo but both would be more expensive options for you.

None of the ferry trips will get you there in time to do a sunrise hike up the mountain, so you might need to plan to spend a might in Sharm, if you do that your hotel would be able to help you find a tour bus to Santa Caterina...

You'll love Santa Caterina, you can either hike up the 3500 plus steps or take a camel ride and just climb the last 700-800. What suits you best will will depend on your level of fitness :-)

Have a great time....

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
yes , it is possible if the ferry is working it will be possbile to be visited in one day tour , if not will need to spend over night there , if you intersted please send me a mail to
Hi, Yes you can visit St. Catherine and Moses Mount from Makadi bay, first you have to fly to Sharm El Sheikh then drive to the Moses Mount ant St Catherine. in arrival check in at a 4 star hotel (Catherine Plaza ) rest and at 02:00 you will began to climb the Moses Mount with your bedouin Guide arrive the top with sunrise. after sunrise start to the way down to the Hotel for breakfast. then visit the Monastery of st, Catherine, drive back to Sharm to Fly to Hurghada, transfer to Makadi Bay. ( two days - 1 night ) tour. the tour price per person is 209 EURO ....minimum 2 people traveling together. Contact me at ( ) ( ) Mobile: 002 0100850146
Sure, but first you have to answer ( you are alone?? with group ?? how much is your budget? you prefer to fly?? or enjoy the road ?? or sea trip ???
and what time you want to visit??
answer these and then contact me
best wishes
yes it's possible but 1st flight to sharm el sheikh then by bus

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