I will be in Runaway Bay week of Dec 4. I have about 500 pens, pencils some pads from a client that rebranded their logo. I'm also...

...bringing some used childrens magazine (chirp) and lots of candy. is any of this stuff needed in Jamaica? where should I bring it? thanks for your help!


Country: Jamaica


Especially the pencils and notebooks. If you need help distributing them just mail me .
It i s a good thing taking these stuff for our kids here in jamaica. some places i suggest you go are The salvation army in the area you will be, a children home or even a school as i am sure they will be highly appreciated by not just the kids but the adults whose care these children are under
Just contact the office of the Jamaica Tourist Board, Montego Bay and ask for the regional Director or the Visitor Relations Manager. They will be happy to pick them up from you and distribute them to a school and or a church in need. Just call 952 0121 or 952 0036
Well, those stationery and magazines and the candies would do good for children this Christmas. I can be of great assitance to you to distribute these goodies and stationery. I must tell you that I am apart of an organization that will be having a Christmas party for children living with HIV and AIDS on December 10, 2009 and these will be greatly appreciated. We would love if you could make it to this party. Please email me at so that we can make some arrangment and provide you with additional information. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
I always enjoy the looks on the children faces when they see someone who cares . i always just go from town to town and stop at the schools with things like this . And it gives u a chance to see places and meet the real Jamaica .But if u do not want to do this my better half teaches at a school in montego and she and i could make sure the things get into the hands of those who could use the the most.
We would most definitely appreciate your contribution. I know the Bank of Nova Scotia has a childrens drive in Mobay with a box in the office by their Blue Diamond outlet. More than likely they will have at other branches.
hi, i'm courtney minors, ex us marine, i was a volunteer at a local mission here in jamaica for over 3 1/2 years. I strongly believe your gifts would be gratefull appreciate at st. clement mission in kingston. they offer a homework class- all material for the class is offered free and the mission is funded solely by individuals who have a genuine concern for the marginalized kids in kingston. the class has been quiet a proven success and with your help it can do a little more. you can email me i will meet you to get the stuff to the mission in kingston.
To ensure that these gift items get to the people who really need them, I would strongly suggest that they are given to The Salvation Army , a school or a children's home. There is the Edge Hill School of Hope which is in St. Ann's Bay approximately 15 minutes away from where you will be staying so you could personally take them there.Thanks for thinknig about the less fortunate here in Jamaica enjoy your visit with us.
HI! I am Pastor Wesley Boynes and I chair the Northgate Youth and Family Development Foundation which is a registered charity organization in Jamaica. We work with several basic schools and other children empowerment organizations in the Northcoast. We are in touch with several schools which will be glad for the stuff. Will be willing to take you to them. Call me at 876-399-1966 or office: 876-974-8616 or email: . Thanks for thinking about Jamaica.
thank you for your reply! Thanks also for accepting my friend request on facebook (Jennifer Seto). My 2 children (Matthew 9, Corinne 7) will be staying at Franklyn D Resort and Spa from Friday, December 4 to 11. My cell is 613-614-4115. My boyfriend Eoghan is flying in from Ireland to join us.

I will bring lots of pencils (mostly unsharpened) pens, pads of paper. I also have lots of candy.

I'm trying to find some pencil sharpeners to go along with the pencils. Please let me know if you think of anything much needed and I will try my best to get it.

I'm looking forward to my trip to Jamaica! Please let me know the best way to deliver the supplies. If you can recommend a driver, we can hire him. I would like my children to see a local school and meet some of the local children but we are all shy people so won't need much attention :-)

Thanks again for your help. I will look for your reply either here or facebook. My email address is .

Hi Jennifer,

I will reply to you via e-mail since this site is publice.

We are in the season of giving and it's really great to know that you're willing to give to people in our country who are in need.You can give those stuffs to any of the child's Development agencies and then they will give it to the different homes.
Hi i'm Karl , member of the Nine Miles United Districts citizens Association and Youth Club, base in Bob Marley's Home village, Nine Miles. We currently have an outreach program for kids in the community that need help and we are in the process of planning a end of year Funday and treat for the children and your donation would be very helpful and go a long way to bring happiness, creativity and fun education to these kids. please contact the President - Gerald Lawrence - 8763607403 or email . looking forward to your kind assistane.

I am the Chairman for a basic school in that area, I can arrange to take you to the school for you to make a presentation to the students and there is also a primary school in close proximity. my contact is 1-876-356-5750 or . thank you
I am sure that there are several kids homes and schools in the area that could use these items. Ask the people where you are staying for suggestions. Any organization would be thrilled to receive your kind donation.
Wonderful!!! Gifts would be just in time for the Christmas season.

You could drop them off at a church closest to you - they would distribue. OR Looking in my local directory the closet Children's home to Runaway Bay is the Windsor Girls' Home Tel # 972-2707, 972-1711
I do a lot of work in Spanish Town and all over the countryside where there are lots and lots of children who would love to see you.You can ckeck my profile eo see what I do
Hope you got through with those giving of gifts
thanks for your generousity to our nation
I am so sorry to answer so late my husbadn is from St. Ann and I would have loved to met you.
You could take them to the schools in the area or to a church and they will help co-ordinate the hand out.
But you have already done that How was your visit?

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