what are the best buys in Sri lanka


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Designer and normal garments and shoes.
That's it, maybe - but I suspect you are using this site to promote your own agenda or products - like an iphone or so....
Never mind, if so!
Cheers from beautiful Arugam Bay!
Best Buys in Sri Lanka depends on individual taste.Usually,a variety of fresh tropical fruits which most Europians like very much and cannot find in other countries,As Sri Lanka is very famous from the past for quality gem stones this also can considered as a best buy,Also Quality spices,Then there are handicrafts which cannot be made by machinary and cannot match for machine makes,also winter clothes at cheaper rate which the Europians are unable to buy in their countries.Also another thing a Tourist can buy is a Good Natural health healing package from a reputed Ayurveda Hotel while they spend the holiday.
Which tourists can buy in Sri Lanka. Gems, Readymade Garments, Batiks, Tea and Handicrafts are popular shopping itineraries among the tourists. Lacquerware, Furniture, hand made Silver and Brass objects are other articles that tourists can purchase. Wish you all the best
in earlier it was tea, coconut and rubber, but now, garment, spices .ect
there are some sore things i cannot mention in public! ;)
There are many buses. But you should tell what is your need about bus. (A/C, NON A/C, FULL OPTION........)
This depends on individual taste.
* Fresh tropical fruits
* Fish (edible)
* Quality gem stones
* Quality spices
* Handicrafts
* Winter clothes
* A Good Natural health healing package from a reputed Ayurveda Hotel
best buys in Sri Lanka are handcrafts,souvenirs made by wood etc....these stuff can buy from southern province... original, pure, good quality, world's greatest tea packets can buy from central province...
And there is a shopping center called ODEL at town hall in western province, which you can buy all these stuff together with no fear...THANK YOU VERY MUCH...AYOUBOWAN..

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