Hi, I'm going to be in SFO for a few days in February and wondered where locally I can surf? Can anyone let me know the best beach...

...breaks locally to SFO?


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States



FYI it will be a little chilly in SFO in February so I would bring a wetsuit with you. You can do some surfing at Great Ocean Beach but it is not the best. To find better waves you will need to go to Maverick's beach, south of Half Moon Bay, which is about 45 minutes from San Francisco. You will need a car to get there.

Happy Surfing!
South Tower @ Golden Gate Bridge Or Ocean Beach. Both Cold Water!!!!!
Hi, I agree with Susan Driscoll, best and closest place is Maverick's beach south of Half Moon Bay! Since you will need to rent a car, you may as well check out Cowells, Pleasure point, and Manresa beaches down along Santa Cruz area as well? Streamers Lane at Santa Cruz is good too but gets crowded sometimes? I hope this helps? Bring a wetsuit it will be chilly this time of year? You can also checkout: for more info? Please let me know if I can assist you further? Rob

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