Lost in information! 2-3 Suggestions on what to do in a week in Tokyo!

Hello! Me and my husband come from Athens, Greece. We are visiting Tokyo on 1st January and we are going to stay until the 9th. This is a belated honey moon, a gift from my father. I m lost in all this information on what to do in a week in Tokyo... I need your suggestions and perhaps your professional help in 1. Onsens 2. Clubbing 3. Any events taking place at that time 4. Old Tokyo Tours, History and heritage 5. Traditional ceremonies such as tea ceremony I feel confident that we can make it on our own for shopping and dining :) Of course, I value your opinion more than my instinct!! Thank you for your time :)


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


1.Onsens- There are not very many good or naturally occurring onsens in Tokyo. Although it is worth taking a day trip to Hakone and I would recommend doing so. 2. All the bigger clubs are in Roppongi. Don't do any drugs because you will be imprisoned for a minimum 6 years and deported. 3.There will most likely be new years festivals, the best thing to do would be just to attend a local one. 4.There is not to much old Tokyo stuff but if you want I recommend the Edo-Tokyo museum. Also a visit to the Tsukiji fish market. Also I know you did not as for dinning but I must recommend a small French place in Hiroo. The owner is a good friend of mine and this restaurant is not his work, but his passion. The food is excellent. It is called Le Recamier. It is in a small street just across the street from the Azabu tax office, near the Chinese Emabssy. If you need more information contact me at .
Thank you very much :)
If you can arrive a day earlier, Dec.31st, you will see the count down and what people do in Meiji Shrine or Asakusa temple. They will hit the temple's bell with a big log for 166 times. For Onsen, Kusatsu in Gunma or Kinugawa Onsen in Tochigi Prefecture. You can take train from Shinjuku. Hakone will be a good choice too. I agree with Dan. For old Tokyo Tours, you can see Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Imperial Palace Garden, Yasukuni Jinja, Asakusa temple, then go to Odaiba with Sumida Cruise then walk around Odaiba, you may want to see a copy of Liberty statue, Venus Fort, Joypolis, Fuji TV, and from the top of Fuji Globe-like Tower, you may be able to see around the minatoku area. Since it is New Year, they may not have Tea ceremony. Some Foreign Friendship Associations sometimes hold the ceremony. The news is often from mouth to mouth or in the foreign students department at universities. They often have tea ceremony in the spring during Sakura blossom. Let me know if you need more help on the itinerary.
I wish I could arrive earlier! But I think it ll be fun to celebrate the New Year on a plane :)
Dear Guest,

1. I also recommend that you will visit to Hakone Onsen area. You can buy train ticket of Odakyu Company’s Hakone free pass. It include around train, switch back climb up train, cable car, ropeway, pirates boat trip and bus, all you can ride 2and/or 3 days.
2 days ticket: 5000 yen almost 50 dollars.
3 days ticket: 5500 yen almost 55 dollars.

Try to visit Odakyu company URL:

On the other hand, you would like to better book Ryokan as soon as possible. During the New Year’s Day, it will be very hard to book Ryokan, anymore. I prefer to book after 3rd /Jan/09. Because almost Japanese peoples start to work 3rd /Jan. Maybe later of 4th/Jan, you can easy to find out your stay.

This is Hakone hot spring Ryokan Union official URL. Please check out!!!

2. You can enjoy club at Roppongi. There are many clubs open.
This URL shows Club location, map and access.

3. Usually we visit to Shrine or Temple for New Year’s pray. I recommend two candidates. One is Kawasaki-Daishi at Kanagawa-ken next door of Tokyo. The other is Narita Temple where is located near Narita airport.

This is Tokyo historical museum’s URL. I recommend if you want to watch our ancient people’s life.

If you want further help, please let me know. I will be in Tokyo during New Year. You can catch up my travel assistance.

Good luck,

If you need assistance to not waste your time in this amazing town, i could suggest my service for a day to discover the Urban Tokyo from Akihabara and Shinjuku, including shopping, dining, and clubbing. And one of my friends who's japanese native female, and speak fluently english can spend one more day to help you to discover Tokyo heritage such as Imperial Palace and Asakusa aera. All is open, following your taste...
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