I want to go on a vacation in France but I am concerned on how Amecians are treated there.

I would appreciate it if someone can share a personal experience on their travel to France. Especially about Amecians that do not speak French. I heard that the French treat Americans rudely and are not very hospitable.


Country: France


I am a tour guide and I can tell you that all my clients are very satisfied when they stay in Paris or elsewhere in France. Quite a few Americans think that the French are not hospitable, but it is not true anymore. If you want I can send you testimonies of satisfaction, there are many. Most of my clients are from the US. Sabine
Do you know that Localyte questions are asked to "locals", which means that your question is sent to French people? In that case, it is rather unlikely that you will get answers reflecting an authentic experience about what it is to be an American in France.
Every experience is different: so let' stry to sum it up.
1. You do not speak French: so you will mainly interact with a limited group of French = waitors, desk clerks ...they are just there to make a living and will talk to you because they have to. So do not expect smiles and bows.
2. If you stay in Paris only, these employees are even less likely to be nice because they see tons of Americans every day and could care less about you.
Now , what can you do about it?
1. Learn some basic French words : bonjour , au revoir, merci, s' il vous plait, and you may see a smily face then.
2. Stay in Paris just for the necessary time to visit this beautiful city, but then "go to France", which is everywhere else but in Paris.
Paris is a tourist business. The feeling Americans have there (rude people) is completely different if you travel in the country.
The people who travel with us (French Escapade trips) always rave about how nice French people are: just because we travel another way, and meet authentic French people, which is difficult to do in cosmopolitan Paris.
Good luck.
Come to Biarritz where I live, it's one of the most beautiful place in France. Life is quiet here, so people will not appear "savage" like in Paris for example. There is no-stress here...
all i can do is agree to what was told before. French have the 'healthy' 100% pure patriotism, it even hurts them why not the Fr became international language, in their head it is much more pretty then Paris u will manage in English, most of the young people speak or understand.
but whats ur goal? to visit Paris or France? its not the same!!! get in touch with couchsurfers. they can help u and for sure they know English. dont worry as long as u have money everyone is kind...doesnt it work the same in the US?
Hello, I think you can find small minds everywhere in the world.........In Nice, wich is teh second most important international airport in France, there's lots of tourists from all over the world and compare to Paris, here there is much more sun to share, that's why I think people here risk to welcome you different, anyway you really can meet "small mind" everywhere.............good luck for your france discovery tour...and if you decide to come in Nice let me know;)
As an English person I always found the French to be very friendly until I visited northern cities and Paris. Here I found they have so many visitors that they become blase about interaction and are only interested in getting your money for as little as possible in the way of service. Of course I am generalising but this is a general trend.
Now that I am living in a country region of south western France I am finding the situation very different and the locals could not be more friendly and pleased to meet you. However, even here they do not think much of people from Paris! Naturally you will get more out of your holiday if you can speak the language but the next best thing is to join up with a local such as myself for a stress free time.
All the best!
Hi! Thats not true. I can speak for Paris and there everything is ok. I ve met a lot of americans due my work and all of them had a great time. Just like others tourists :)
so, come and have me ;)
I think it's very telling that the people who repeat the stereotype "Parisians are rude" don't live in Paris. I am an American living here for 13 years, and I have definitely noticed a change in the past decade. The Parisians can be as cranky as anyone else, but in the tourism/hospitality industry things have changed and in general the Parisians seem to be a lot more welcoming to anyone who visits. I am continuously told by my clients, visiting friends, family, etc. that they are "shocked" how nice everyone has been. A client of mine from NY says she makes more friends in Paris than in Manhattan. Of course, she has a positive attitude about her visit and thus tends to meet nice people. You can even watch the TV show from ABC Primetime where some American actors *tried* to get a reaction out of the French by being rude (it didn't work, everyone was nice to them):
That's strange, so many people arguing about Parisians being rude...
I guess, from the touristic point of view; coming to a place to visit and enjoy is not an ethnological trip :-)

What is true, from my point of view long as you are smiling and willing to share time with people you get smiles and good times; everywhere.
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enjoy :)

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