Does anyone know what the road conditions from Mombasa to Lamu are now? Apparently some bridge was swept up, anyone know if it's now...



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Bea, as far as I can tell, that bridge that was washed away at Kanagoni is currently being repaired. Raila has banned heavy trucks from passing that way, but it makes no mention of other, smaller vehicles being prohibited. I was in Malindi a few days ago, and the road from mombasa, all the way passed the Sabaki bridge and onwards is like a carpet. absolutely beautiful. Also saw lots of lamu buses along that road, so I assumed the road was still passable.
Good luck, and enjoy your trip!
HI Bea. Without doubt, the road from Mombasa to Lamu is now as swift as it was before the rains came.

The Highway from Mombasa to Malindi was not affected as such but the joining road from Malindi to Garsen was the most affected. Though the bridge is still underway repair, they road is passable even by small cars. Otherwise from that point onwards to Lamu through Witu and Mpeketoni, Everything is as normal as usual.

I come from Lamu and if you are planning to come to Lamu especially through these festivities like the oncoming Culture Festival taking stage from 20th to 22nd this month, then you can tell me to organize for you a trip of a life time.

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Bea Tsola, the bridge was repaired and the connection is possible.
Please, never attempt since between Mukorwe and junction at Garsen is bad. Fly.
Dear Bea,

Please don't worry,our Government has taken care of that road and everything is now smooth,i was there 4 days ago.

Thanks for sharing all this and I hope to hear more updates from you soon, have a great day.


Yours Sincerely,

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