Hi Our daughter is travelling to Tokyo in January and will be spending 10 days there. Can anyone recommend something that we can buy... advance from the UK as a surprise Christmas present. Thinking along the lines of travel or transport pass, pass for main tourist sites, ferry cruise tickets etc. Any ideas from the experts would be very welcome Thanks


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JR pass for foreign tourist and Suika card would be very convenient for your daughter.

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Prior Ms. Sugimoto report, JR pass is very useful for foreign tourist.

I also recommend your daughter, Odakyu Hakone free pass.
Hakone is very beautiful hot spring area.
It include around train, switch back climb up train, cable car, ropeway, pirates boat trip and bus, all you can ride 2and/or 3 days.
2 days ticket:5000 yen almost 50 dollars.
3 days ticket: 5500 yen almost 55 dollars.

Try to visit Odakyu company URL:

I recommend Christmas present for Japanese host family, “UK made sweater or muffler”.

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Hi. Before I can suggest anything, can you let us know:
- how old is she?
- what are her interests?
- what is she going to be doing in Tokyo?
- what does she want to achieve during her visit?
- who is she coming with?
- how much free time will she have?
- does she speak. read any Japanese?
- would she be confident to travel near Tokyo? overnight?

There is so much to suggest, but it could all be wrong or off-centre without knowing more because 10 days is not that long actually if a lot has been decided or organized already by 3rd parties.

As mentioned before, the Japan Rail pass is a good choice. The most common mode of transportation in Japan is the train. She will have free access to most train lines. And if she wants to explore other cities like Kyoto or Hiroshima, the Shinkansen(bullet train) will be free.
yes, the JR pass will help, this page shows for 10,000 yen. The ride on the express train from Narita Airport to Tokyo is already 3000 yen one way. The pass in the link above is with JR East, but can be used on all bullet trains in and out of Tokyo. It seems a good deal for 10,000 yen if the timing is done so that she either has the first 3 days to go out of Tokyo and include the ticket from Narita to Tokyo, or the other way around, if the end of the trip she does 2 days of bullet train (shinkansen) rides and she then gets the train to the airport for the thrid day of the pass.
I think the longer stay rail passes are great value too if she is going to move around Japan a lot, but if she is spending most of the time in Tokyo a JR pass for 2 weeks may be a nice gift but not such a good deal. The best thing about them from your point of view is that they are easy to buy outside of Japan.
Around Christmas she would also be able to get a bullet train to ski fields if she is interested in a day trip.

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