what is the best ramen in SF and / or the bay area?


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


Oh my! This is a difficult question! There are 4,000 restaurants in SF alone and hundreds more in the Bay area of 7 million people! I suspect each neighborhood has excellent ramen. For an answer to this I would go on Yelp-SF Bay Area, Open Table- SF Bay Area, and go to restaurants and see some reviews. These are your best resources for this. Japantown in SF is not a bad place to start but....!?!........and have fun trying them all!
Iroha is a restaurant in San Francisco's Japan Town which has been there forever and the food is great. Excellent Japanese noodle dishes!! It's on Buchanan St. near Post St.
sorry, I donʻt know I make mine at home. I will say that the Japanese food(i.e. sushi, soba) that I have had is just as good as the Japanese food I had in Japan. maybe try yelp .com?

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