How many Jamaican localytes know of my place on the White River.The place is called Hidden Beauty and is in a place called Thatch...

...Hill.Has anyone been there already.


Country: Jamaica


If I am correct Tatch hill is located near Lodge, the route to get there would be eExchange, Upton, Lodge, and then Tatch Hill but I have never heard of Hidden Beauty - shed some light on Hidden Beauty for us please!!
How about you inviting us up there.
i Use to camp on de white river rite on de sea 20 years ago ,,,gonna come check u soon but u have to come check out de yard in Belmount over looking mo bay dinner on me ....
I know the white river quite well, and i know Thach Hill, but I have never hear of Hidden Beauty. But I can say almost every where there is beautiful.
i want to visit some day need more information about it would love to visit on my day off with it nice there where can i find it on what day is best

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