which place is fun?


Country: Australia


It depends on what you like or what you call fun?

Fun could mean the Gold Coast which located an 1 hour from Brisbane in Queensland Australia. Queensland Australia offers a great deal such as the Barrier Reef is you enjoy snookling and scuba diving, fun park attractions, South Bank a beach inside the city of Brisbane, shopping galore. Sun, fun and great looking people.
Rainforest walks, mountain climbing at the Glasshouse Mountains, Australia Park Zoo, Sunshine Coast beaches, Underwater World at Mooloolaba and surfing are all fun

.... or do you prefer museums, cultural centres and cafes? Brisbane has them too! Grab a coffee at one of the many coffee shops in Milton, cross the river to Southbank, visit the museum and cultural centre, and eat in one of the many fine restaurants. South East Queensland is all so close to Brisbane, don't just stay in the city.
Hi and thanks for your question

Australia as a whole can be described as a fun place to see and visit - I could not and would not be able to not pick out any part of Australia that wouldn't be fun . . but again it depends what your personal interests may be in determining that fun . . but as a coutry in whole we have a lot to offer in each and every state and territory of Australia - if I can be of any assistance in helping you plan your trip - please feel free to contact either myself or my other feloow Localyte " Matt " and he too will be able to help provide you with a more personal travel experience of Australia

I sincerely wish you well and hope that you will enjoy visiting Australia in the near future !

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