Best shops in Japan?

I've got to buy a lot of gifts from my vacation in Tokyo. Where can I get best rates for contemporary as well as culture clothes? Specifically need to buy for teens,cos I'm one myself.


City: Edo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Here are some typical places to shop in Tokyo without knowing any specifics about your tastes other than 'culture clothes.' If you want the best rates, just search on the Internet.

Traditional Japanese clothing: Asakusa
Contemporary Japanese fashion: Harajuku and Omotesando
Name Brand outlets: Ginza, Roppongi and Omotesando
Department stores: Shibuya and Shinjuku
You can also check out Oriental Bazaar at Omotesando for souvenirs. Watch out that somethings are less authentically Japanese, same goes to Asakusa, most of the 'kimono' you see hanging on display to attract tourists aren't really 'kimono'. But if you don't care about such details then you have no worries there.

All the above places are good suggestions, but if you have time you might want to venture into little areas that offer traditional, vintage, modern (average to wildly bazaar) items:

Shibuya, Shimokitazawa, Asakusa, Ueno (Ameyoko), Omotesando (not just the main street, try the little streets as well) and Takeshita area in Harajuku, Kichijoji. This is judging from you being a teenager. If you are in need of brand items then Ginza (again, wandering into smaller streets might get you to more interesting shops) and any department store, but these can be very expensive. If you have time to shop around you can find bargains. I would suggest walking around towns and checking out smaller streets.

100 yen shops (try the one in Takeshita Dori) opposite Harajuku station) can have many cheap items good enough for simple souvenirs from Japan you can give to people when you don't want to spend too much money.

Anyway, it depends on how long you are here, how familiar you are of Tokyo and what you are looking into buying as souvenirs ('culture clothes' is a rather loose term I am could spend a couple of thousand yen for a nice second-hand authentic kimono, or end up paying the same or more for a kitch fake one. Or do you mean anything that has Japanese words or design on it? Possibilities, locations, pricing etc all depend on what you are after and if you know what you are looking at. If you have no idea and don't mind the authenticity then I would say Asakusa, Oriental Bazaar (Omotesando, Harajuku), Takeshita street (Harajuku) and Shibuya areas should suffice your shopping need.
Forget about "going shopping for clothes!" Seriously! The way all the young girls buy clothes is by internet auction!

You need to find a way to shop on the Japanese Rakuten auction site, or auctions for the best deals. Great name-brands and like-new stuff for a few cents on the dollar. And a selection better a dozen super-stores.

How to do? Easy.

Make a pen pal!
A Japanese one. A young girl Japanese one.
Then you will have a buddy and someone to help you shop.

The best rates are Rakuten and Yahoo.
Go to Couch Surfers network, and make a friend in Tokyo, preferably one that does internet auction buying (and lots of girls do) talk to her about your needs. Send her some pictures about your style.

And best make a friend for life.

What could be better?
I agree with the other suggestions. It depends how much you want to spend, and what "style" you are looking for!
For example, neon coloured high-rise(?) plastic shiny sneakers are "in" right now. I think they look horrendous, but they're all over Japan. It looks like they're straight out of the 80's. They are extremely expensive though. But, you will not find them in other countries so they might be a collector's item!

Hoodies are popular, too. For girls, pom pom drawstrings are a must. Guys are wearing oversized neon sneakers or white sneakers, skinny jeans, vests, and flanelette shirts (ugh). Try Harajuku markets (Takeshita Dori). There are cute women's vests too (if you are shopping for any female friends). I'd say the average shirt price is around 1600 - 5000 yen. If you're lucky you might find a 2nd-hand shop selling clothes for 500 yen.

Unless you can afford it, I would not go clothes shopping in Roppongi Hills. The brands are all English/French labels so they are seen to be "exotic" and therefore much more expensive.

Plenty of the market shops have ridiculous and cheap items for souvenirs. Things like, tofu cushions, character slippers, toilet paper roll dispensers with cute characters, cute blankets, cute food keyrings, adult-sized character jumpsuits, etc. etc. etc. You will have trouble restraining yourself :)

Oh. At Harajuku, go to the shrine called Meiji-jinja (just beyond Meiji-jingu, the famous cosplay bridge). In the shrine they have a gift shop with many beautiful traditional items like gold leaf mirrors, combs, fans, mens and womens yukata (summer kimono), the shoes that go with the yukata, spiritual gifts like prayer beads, wooden carved toys, display plates and vases, all kinds of pretty stuff which I reckon your folks would appreciate.

Asakusa has huge markets but the clothing is mostly women's. Nice shrine there, though.

During summer, UniQlo was selling cheap women's yukata (summer kimono) for around 3000 yen. Depending on when you visit maybe you can pick up a yukata or two from there. Not sure where they are in Tokyo though. There are heaps of stores in Kyushu.

Good luck on your clothes hunt!
Hi a good everyday shop like the GAP is UniGlo look 1st at the sales racks. Go to Yamamote line to Harajiku that is where all the mod teen stuff is and it is full on weekends to people watch.
Ginza is a fun place to shop & get great deals in the 3 major japanese department stores. If you have a chance stop by the Gucci flagship store. They also have H&M which is a major german/european department store with only a few in major cities like New York, Las Vegas in the USA. The H&M here carries items more towards the japanese markets & great prices. ;) Enjoy!
Ginza is a good place to shop if you have the cash. Other than that, you can shop in Omotesando and Shibuya.

1. If you drop by at Sensouji Temple in Asakusa, you can find culture clothes at the best prices.

2. Harajuku is the best place for teen clothes in Japan.

3. Try to find a nearby Uniqlo. Uniqlos are scattered all over Tokyo. For every major train station in Japan, there is one Uniqlo branch. Try to look for the nearest Daimaru, Takashimaya, Oioi, Parco, or Isetann and you can find lots of boutiques and shops.
Specialty store have Onagai Nurse uniforms, Uru-wakkake O-to-mei School-girl suits, and Little Lolitta Kitten costumes, too.

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